Heighten safety ,Guard ATMs,Upgrade security outside ATMs,alarms Bengaluru police advise banks

Pramesh S Jain 

Following a recent theft in an ATM reported in Bellanduru on Sunday,the whitefield division police convened a meeting with the bank authorities to heighten safety and security to ensure safety.

A audit conducted by the beat police in the Division revealed that majority of the banks and ATMs out of total around 100 entities have low quality CCTV cameras with no proper security measures .

Many of them do not have security guards which has been mandated by former police commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar had issued a set of instructions to the banks operating in the city to install alarm systems as well as CCTV cameras in all ATMs and deploy security guards round the clock for strengthening security.

The order was issued on January 2014 following a brutal assault on bank manager Jyothi Uday in the Corporation Bank ATM kiosk on November 2013.

Despite crack down and repeated reminders the banks who are the main stake holders failed to arrange foolproof security measures .

Despite repeated reminders the bank failed to take up security measures resulted in repeated crime incident related to banks and ATMs,a senior police officer part of the awareness meeting, said.

In the meeting the bank officials presented at the meeting have been instructed to install,high definition CCTV cameras along with round the clock security guards at the ATMs along with the burglars alarm.

Many a times the security cameras installed at the ATMs and bank could not even cover 100 meter radius, which is hinderance to the investigation, another police officer, added .

The Bank officials have also been instructed to train the security guards to identify the genuine customers and suspicious elements who are part of the attention diversion gang.

The gang members according to the police target victims from the banks and rob them after following them.

Alertness on part of the security guards could be deterrence and effective measures to prevent possible crimes,Reena Suvarna,Assistant Commissioner of police,Whitefield Division,said.

As part of the follow up action,the patrolling police have been instructed to keep an eye on the security measures taken up by the banks for further procedure.