Caste system has created inequality in society:CM Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

* Caste consciousness is increasing among the educated. Children must come out of superstition: CM Siddaramaiah calls.

*Children of government residential schools have got 96% results this time.Must get 100% marks next time: CM Calls.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that caste consciousness is increasing among educated people.

Those who have studied to become doctors believe in superstition and believe in destiny and karma theory.

The CM said that the students must not believe in such nonsense.

He was speaking at the felicitation programme organized by the Department of Social Welfare and Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Association to felicitate the students who have fared well in SSLC and PUC exams.

Inspired by the Dalit Sangharsh Samiti’s -“We don’t want arrack,we want residential schools”,movement in the state,Morarji schools were established in rural areas which was included in my first budget.

Since then,Morarji residential schools have been continuously opening.At present there are 833 residential schools under the Department of Social Welfare’.

He explained that there are a total of 946 residential schools including those under minority department.

‘Some hoblis have more than one residential school and some hoblis did not have residential school.

Hence permission has been granted to start 20 residential schools this year.A residential school per hobli is my aim and objective,he said.

‘In rural areas everyone should get quality rational and scientific education.He said that due to the caste system,inequality has been created in the society. Our constitution has provided opportunities for children of all castes and classes to study’, he added.

‘Due to the caste system,inequality has been created in the society and it needs to be eradicated.I got the opportunity to become Chief Minister only because I got education,”Otherwise,I would have limited myself to grazing buffaloes and cows, he said.

‘Buddha and Basavanna worked hard to erase the caste system centuries ago.The CM regretted that caste consciousness is increasing among educated people’

On the same occasion,the Chief Minister congratulated all the students who scored high marks in SSLC and PUC and all the teachers who helped these students achieve this.

‘We are the ones who teach children to discriminate against caste and religion.So parents and teachers should first come out of superstition.

He said that then the children will also grow to be rational and develop a scientific temper and create a better future.’

Quoting Kuvempu’s words that all children are born as Vishvamanavas and grow up to become alpamanavas, the Chief Minister said that it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to protect children from becoming alpamanavas.

Basavanna arranged inter-caste marriage between Dalits and Brahmins in the 12th century and won.If the caste system is to be destroyed,the Dalits and the backward people should be empowered economically and socially.

He said that Ambedkar’s words in the Constituent Assembly are very relevant even today.

The children of government residential schools have scored 96% this time.He called to get 100% results next time.

Education is now a fundamental right of everyone because of our constitution.We must ensure equitable quality education to all,he said.

MLA Rizwan Arshad presided over the CRIS Pratibha Puraskar programme.

Social Welfare Minister HC Mahadevappa explained the significance of this historic event.

I am happy by the progress achieved by the girls*

In the past,girls of the upper caste also did not have the opportunity for education.Girls of all castes were exploited in the matter of education.

The CM expressed his happiness that girls are faring well in education.

Vidhan Parishad Chairman Basavaraja Horatti,Parishad member Sudam Das and departmental officers were present.