PM economic advisor Sanjeev Sanyal’s comments that Bengalis are afflicted with “Poverty of aspirations”–TMC strongly condemns

Abhijit Ray

Certain insulting comments on the people of West Bengal by Prime Minister’s Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal have created huge controversy at Bengal,with the Trinamool Congress accusing him of “fanning open hatred”towards the residents of Kolkata.

PM economic advisor Sanjeev Sanyal’s comments that Bengalis are afflicted with “Poverty of aspirations”.The level of Bengalis got declined.

They just smoke cigarettes and drink.Their run is up to Mrinal Sen’s picture.

The Prime Minister’s Economic Advisor insulted Bengalis and their proud director in this language.

Sanjeev Sanyal made this comment on a podcast channel and openly criticised the glorious culture of Bengal by accusing Bengalis of having a ‘Poverty of Aspirations.

The Trinomul MC also described the economist as “a new addition to the list of modern-day Mir Jafars.”In a video shared by the Trinamool Congress on its X handle, Sanyal is seen commenting that Bengalis of Kolkata are afflicted with “poverty of aspirations”and aspire to be “an antel”.

Prime Minister’s Economic Affairs Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal has claimed that the common people are at the root of Kolkata’s misery.

They smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol.But in the field of work,the Bengalis are drowning in misery.”If your desire is to sit somewhere,smoke,sip a glass of wine, and if your job is to teach you about the rest of the world without doing anything yourself,then there is nothing you can do.

If that is the goal of society,if Mrinal Sen’s film becomes the aspiration of your society, then do not complain about it.

Naturally,a large part of the Bengalis have burst into anger as soon as his speech was published.Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Jawhar Sarkar slammed his remarks.

On Thursday evening,he wrote in ‘X’ hand,”Some such traitorous Bengalis are making their own sugarcane by inciting the venom and anger against Bengal of BJP and Modi.

People are bringing different political parties back to power even if they are not able to meet the expectations.

Explaining the reason,he had insulted Bengalis and said that why are the people of Bengal bringing a particular political back again and again into power when that party cannot work properly?.

Why don’t Bengali’s choose some other party and test them? Why Bengali’s are letting one party win every election?”.

It was clearly evident from his insulting comments against Bengalis that he was not able to control his anger because of all time defeat of BJP at Bengal.

Even,he had tried to campaign for BJP with his suggestions.Just before Lok Sabha Polls,Bengalis will definitely not forget this insult.