Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant directs officials not to use the force but ensure strict enforcement:

Pramesh S Jain

After a widespread criticism against the police brutality was witnessed on the first day of the strict lockdown enforcement as police caned and resorted to harsh punishment on the motorists who were caught moving without valid reasons.

Many social activists and community leaders vent their ire on the police brutality and question the police canning people.

Taking a serious note on the response of the community and members of the general public on social platforms,the City Police Commissioner mellowed down and directed his officials not to use the force but ensure strict enforcement.

Similar directions were issued by the state police chief Praveen Sood to the police across the state as social media was flooded with the video posts about the police canning and plight of the people.

Police resorted to canning motorists violating lockdown in and around KR market on Monday morning.

Police found hundreds of motorists moving despite warning strict action.

Many Autorickshaw drivers were caught and made sit ups as punishment .

City police commissioner Kamal pant along with,BBMP Chief Commissioner, Gaurav Gupta with other senior police officers visited to KR market area to supervise the bandobast.

Commissioner of police Kamal Pant was seen checking the vehicles and inquiring people why they have come out after getting a valid reason he allowed them to go and those with without valid reason came on their vehicles were seized.

Meanwhile DCP Traffic West,Kuldeep Kumar R Jain was also seen checking the vehicles near city Market area and those who came out without valid reason there vehicles were seized by the DCP and his team.

The officers visited old taragupet area where huge public floating will be daily even visited vegetable and fruit market to inspect and what changes to be done to avoid public simply venturing out.

BBMP Chief Commissioner,Gaurav Gupta said today we have visited to city market area and old Taragupet area and even visited to wholesale fruit and vegetable market area we noticed people are coming in large numbers so we will enforce more strictly the lockdown in coming days he added.

Police barricaded major roads and even busy by lanes at the residential areas in and around city market to stop People from moving.

Despite strict action of caning and seizures of vehicle motorist’s continue to venture citing lame excuses, a police officer, said.

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Meanwhile, the government further tightened the lockdown rules by allowing only essential commodities to be delivered through e-commerce and home delivery portals.The earlier order had said that delivery of all items through e-commerce and home delivery was permitted.

Meanwhile the city police seized as many as 2410 vehicles including 2213 bikes,80 autos and 117 four wheelers for violating lock down rules.

The police also booked 13 cases against shops and commercial establishments under disaster management act for operating during lock down.

City Commissioner reiterated that the public should not venture out during lockdown unnecessarily.

However those who have emergency situations can approach the DCP intelligence,Santosh Babu on 9480801032 or 22942354 for permission to travel or carry or permitted activities.

Those who go out to get vaccination are allowed provided that they should show the online registration details on their mobiles.However, walk-in vaccinations are not allowed.

The Director General and Inspector General of police,Praveen Sood said in his tweet that people can use vehicles at local level to go to shops and buy groceries and essentials.however these facilities should be used with discretion and not as license for free run.Stay at home for our own safety.