Akshaj will be the first face of Buchanan’s Launch Them Young campaign in India

Adzguru recognized the talent of Akshaj

“Former England cricket player and coach Paul Nixon has also given cricket tips to Akshaj”

World winning coach John Buchanan, who has made Australia the head of world cricket twice, is looking forward to meeting seven-year-old budding little cricketer from Devbhoomi Akshaj Tripathi.
Akshaj of Chopra village of development block Augastyamuni , 15 km from Rudraprayag, came into limelight when a 43-second video of him with Indian cricketer Bumrah’s bowling action went viral on social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In which Akshaj, during his daily practice, was seen hitting the lone stump in two pieces by bowling a precise yorker. Then this video got more than 1.5 crore views. Actually it was shared by an officer of Indian Administrative Service (IAS).Which was later picked up by NDTV as well.
“I look forward to the day I meet Akshaz. Chase your dreams,” Buchanan himself wrote to Akshaj from his LinkedIn profile.
John Buchanan is scheduled to visit India in September-October for the promotion of Adzguru company, then he will also meet Akshaj to tell him the tricks of cricket and will also market the products of his sports gear company Launch Tee. Launch Tee is an Australian company that manufactures equipment for cricket, tennis and baseball.
John Buchanan’s Australian sportsgear company “Launch Tee” was launched in India with the “Launch them Young” campaign,
For which he has chosen Akshaj Tripathi of Chopra village of Augastyamuni development block of Rudraprayag district of remote Uttarakhand in India.
Presently Aksaj lives with his parents in Yamuna Colony of Dehradun. Adzguru company came to Dehradun in January to shoot the video of Akshj and the video was also launched after shooting his video at Nimbus Cricket Academy and Shikshakur The Global School Dehradun, which became very popular on social media. During the shoot, the shooting team at Nimbus Cricket Academy also expressed great happiness on seeing Akshaj’s cricketing knowledge.
The representatives of Adzguru Company, who were shooting, wished Akshaj all the best for the future. Not only this, former England cricketer and coach Paul Nixon has also given tips to Akshaj on social media.
It is also a coincidence that the coaches of both Australia and England, who once ruled the world cricket together, assessed and encouraged Akshaj’s cricketing talent, Akshaj and family are giddy with this encouragement. Akshaj’s parents told that Launch Them Young by Launch Tea is a unique initiative that not only encourages young passionate players, but also gets them coaching the best of their game in Australia and India.
This year the company is to be opened in India, in which Akshaj will be specially involved. Akshaj will be the first person in India who will be the promoter of the company in India. Let us tell you that Launch Tea is promoted in India by AdzGuru Company, which locates and contacts parents and successful coaches.
As part of this initiative of Adzguru, John will meet Junior Bumrah in September-October.
7-year-old Akshaj is currently a student of “Shikshankur – The Global School” in Dehradun, the school management has also awarded Akshaj the title of Student of the Year for his student’s encouragement, along with a cricket kit and scholarship. Akshaj was also honored with.
Akshaj not only plays cricket, but his technical knowledge of cricket is also very good. When program director Girish Badoni spoke to Aksaj on the nuances of cricket in the live show of the Facebook page of Gyarah Gaanv Hindav, the audience was stunned to see Akjaj’s understanding of cricket and his wit.
Akshaj often makes headlines in social media with accurate yorkers and helicopter shots hitting single stumps. Let us tell you that the helicopter shot is a shot invented by former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which gave Dhoni a different identity, now Very soon this shot will be the identity of all-rounder Akshaj himself, says Akshaj himself.
Akshaj’s mother Rekha Dangwal told
That apart from studies, cricket, Akshaj is also fond of drawing, Akshaj has also made a sketch of Buchnan Sahib, which Akshaj will present to Buchnan Sahab when he meets him.
Akshaj’s scientist father D P Tripathi and engineer mother Rekha Dangwal told that they themselves are also surprised to see Aksaj’s passion and understanding for cricket day by day. At an age when children can memorize only rhymed poems, the ease with which Akshaj answers cricket fielding positions and questions related to batting and bowling is certainly a hallmark of his understanding and passion for cricket.
People are also expressing surprise that the talent of Uttarakhand, which has been taken cognizance of by the former coach of a country like distant Australia, the government and sports department of Uttarakhand are yet to know about this future star.

Hemant Chaukiyal