Karnataka State Police is the first in the Country to Sanction,scene of crime officers posts -Basavaraj Bommai

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar 

Karnataka state government is the first in the country which has come with innovative idea to detect crime by sanctioning 206 officers posts to detect crime as Scene of Crime officers.

To strengthen technical investigation at every crime and make it more professional,the state home department introduced ‘scene of crime officers’ (SoC officers)to the force.

The SoC officers will help to gather crucial and minute evidence from crime scenes and take the case to its logical end systematically.

The state government has sanctioned 206 posts for which the recruitment process may begin soon said a Senior officer.

Scene of crime officers will be trained investigators and the recruits will undergo training at Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

Their primary work will be to visit crime scenes, protect and gather scientific and forensic evidence,dispatch them to FSLs,assist investigation officers by providing evidence material,which may lead to the early arrest of culprits.

The system,which exists mostly in advanced countries,is expected to help in the detection and prevention of crimes.

Home Minister and law Minister of Karnataka,Basavaraj Bommai,who announced the new posting on Monday said Karnataka state police is the first in the country to adopt this system and recruit scenes of crime officers.

So far,the local police were doing this job.To make investigations more effective,there was a need for experts to gather evidence from crime scenes.

The government has sanctioned 206 posts and initially,the officers will be used only for cases of serious nature.Gradually,more crime scene officers will be recruited, he said.