New digital pianos convince with a new sound and new keys in a particularly compact design

binod takiawala

Delhi, 30 May 2019 – CASIO India has introduced a brand-new series of high-quality digital pianos with evolution in sound, touch & design. CDP-S100, CDP-S150 & CDP-S350; are the successors of the highly successful CDP Series. Furthermore, CASIO is expanding its range of digital piano accessories – suitable for the new models.

Featuring a remarkably slim body, the new CDP-S series displays evolution in both its sound and keyboard and are ultra-compact. Weighing in just below 11 Kgs, the CDP-S series features completely new sound samples & enhanced scaled hammer action keys packed in a very slim & stylish body. All Pianos in the CDP-S series are extremely portableand can be operated with batteries. Streamlined designs, powerful built-in speakers and many useful features make CDP-S series a great choice for any level of playing.

One can even connect the CDP-S series with Chordana Play for Piano smartphone application & change instrument settings, control the MIDI recorder, and develop techniques while learning MIDI songs with an intuitive piano roll that can even grade one’s playing. The new CDP-S series (only CDP-S150 & S350) also come with an optional three-pedal unit SP-34 (MRP: Rs 3,495/-) with half-damper functionality.

Feature Highlights:

CDP-S350 (MRP: Rs 49,995/-): A wide variety of 700 Tones & 200 Rhythms, Registration Memory (32 Setups), optional SP-34 three-pedal Unit, Music Presets, Auto Harmonize (12 types) & Arpeggiator (100 types), Lesson Feature with 152 Song Bank Tunes, Backlit LCD Screen,  Chordana Play for Piano Compatible, Duet Mode, MIDI Recorder, USB to Host & USB to Device along with 8W+8W, 2-Way Speaker System

CDP-S150 (MRP: Rs 39,995/-): New Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II Keys, 64 Note Polyphony, 10 Tones, Chordana Play for Piano Compatible, optional SP-34 three-pedal unit, Duet Mode, Midi Recorder, USB to Host along with 8W+8W, 2-Way Speaker System

CDP-S100 (MRP: Rs 35,995/-): New Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II Keys, 64 Note Polyphony, 10 Tones, Audio IN feature, Chordana Play for Piano Compatible, USB to Hostalong with 8W+8W, 2-Way Speaker System


With the optional CS-46P stand (MRP Rs. 4,495) the CDP-S Series quickly transform into practical standing models. The CDP-S350 & CDP-S150 can also be connected with the new three-pedal unit SP-34 (MRP Rs. 3,495).