Releases the book: ‘Grameena Prajavani—Sunkara Satyanarayana Shasana Mandali Prasangalu’

The Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has called upon public representatives to always strive for fulfilling the aspirations of the people and uphold the dignity of institutions they represent. He wanted public representatives to fulfill the responsibility bestowed upon them by people and make optimum use of their tenure as MPs, MLAs and members of local bodies in nation-building.

Addressing the gathering after releasing a Telugu book titled, “Grameena Prajavani- Sunkara Satyanarayana Shasana Mandali Prasangalu” (Speeches of Sunkara Satyanarayana in Legislative Council of Andhra Pradesh) by Raitu Nestam Publications in New Delhi today, Shri Naidu said that people like Sri Satyanarayana raised the level of debates through their oratory skills and commitment to the cause of people.

The Vice President went down the memory lane and recollected his days as a legislator in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. He wanted the younger generation to listen to past speeches of eminent legislative members like Shri Tenneti Viswanadham, Shri Gouthu Latchanna, Shri Puchalapalli Sundarayya and Shri Sunkara Satyanaraya and learn from their erudition.

Shri Naidu appealed to all those in public life to raise matters of crucial importance such as agriculture, education, rural development, healthcare and effective implementation of schemes.

He called upon political parties, members of parliament and legislators to reorient their approach towards making a constructive role and said that there was every need to raise the level of debate in legislatures. He emphasized that it was the sacred duty of public representatives to maintain the sanctity of institutions such as Parliament and state legislatures.

While expressing his concern over the increasing disruptions of proceedings of parliament and assemblies, Shri Naidu appealed all political parties to evolve a code of conduct for their members ensure that meaningful debates take place in legislatures.

The Vice President wanted media to highlight constructive debate on crucial issues concerning the people, especially those living in remote areas.

The judge of the Supreme Court of India, Justice L. Nageswara Rao, Shri K. V. Chowdary, Central Vigilance Commissioner, Shri Dr. Lakshmi Prasad, Shri K Hari Babu, Member of Parliament, Dr. Surya Rao, Shri Karnati Venkateswar Rao and others.