Bengaluru murder: Man arrested by Basaveshwaranagar police for stabbing wife’s genitals over suspected infidelity

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


he Basaveshwaranagar police on Monday arrested a labourer for killing his 32-year-old wife brutally after catching her red handed in compromising positions with her relatives at home on Sunday.

The accused has been identified as,Ayappa,35,a daily wage labourer at city market stabbed his wife Nagaratna’s private parts repeatedly and locked the house to bleed her to death.Later he called his family informing them that Nagaratana was not well .

The incident came to light when Nagaratna’s family came to see her and found the house was locked and Ayappa was found sitting at the corner of the street chatting with a neighbour.

The family called him to open the house to find Nagaratana was lying disrobed in a pool of blood.

The family called the ambulance for help but by the time ambulance came and the paramedic staff checked to find her dead .

The Basaveshwaranagar Police inspector and other staff based on the complaint rushed to the spot and arrested Ayappa on the charges of murdering Nagaratana.

Chandru Jagannath,relative of the deceased in his complaint said that Ayappa was married to Nagaratana 12 years ago and the couple had two children living in a rented house in Manjunathnagar.

Ayappa was irregular to work and to going home everyday in order to take care of the family Nagaratana started working as saleswoman at a apparel shop in Basavesahwaranagar.

Ayappa was accusing Nagaratana of extra marital affair and caught her red handed on Saturday in a compromising position with her relative at home.

The couple had a fight and family members intervened and pacified the duo.After the family members left, Ayappa fought with Nagaratana again and killed her brutally on Saturday night before locking the house and left her to die of bleeding he said in his statement to police.