Trio arrested Physiotherapist murder case cracked by soladevanahalli police after 1 month

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya

The Soladevanahalli police on Monday cracked a month old murder case of a 32-year-old physiotherapist who was hacked to death by his drinking partners before setting the body on fire in an isolated place on February 7.

The Deceased Sridhar and the accused Viranjaneyalu, Govardhana and Buddappa are wall painters by profession are from the same area and used to visit a local bar frequently.

They become close soon and started drinking together. In one of the drinking session,Sridhar had threatened the accused to kill in an inebriated state.

The accused since then decided to eliminate and as per the plan invited for a alcohol party,took him to an isolated place in a grove in Lakshmipura.

After couple of drinks the trio attacked Sridhar with lethal weapons killing him on the spot.The accused later poured petrol and set fire to the body before returning home.

The murder came to light the next day when the land owner noticed the charred body and informed the police .

The Police conducted the spot mahazar and checked the missing person complaint before approaching the brother of the deceased through the ear ring and the clothes on the body .

After ascertaining the identity of the deceased, Goutham J,Inspector and his crime team worked tirelessly using technical details and zeroed in on the accused who were hiding in their native places in Andhra Pradesh.