Mamata Banerjee warns BJP from Netaji Indoor Stadium Kolkata

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee targeted BJP from the organizational session of Trinamool. She stated that people of Bengal do not required   BJP led central investigating agencies, but they want job. And this will be the new slogan of Trinamool congress – TMC do not want BJP’s agencies rather TMC wants Job. On this day, she has also said, “BJP should not try to scare us. No matter how much CBI, ED try, nothing will happen. We are grass – the more we cut, the more we grow. We will be strong.”According to Mamata Banerjee, BJP is selling the country. All the banks and other all financial institutions will also be sold one day. The unemployment rate in the country increased by 40 percent during the BJP era. But without paying attention to that, the central government is using the central agencies to corner the opposition.According to Mamata Banerjee, the central agency has no specific information. It can be seen;that they did not get anything but somehow trying to discredit Trinamool. Due to this, the Trinamool supremo instructed the party leadership to be cautious. Said, “No minister-legislator should send a letter requesting a job on his /her own letterhead. Talk less on Facetime. WhatsApp is taking over. IB people are working for the BJP in district after district.” According to her, the central agency is there to defame Trinamool everywhere. Launching a strong attack on the opposition, Mamata said, “99.9 percent of the Trinamool is honest. One or two may be bad, so call the whole party a thief!”However, at the same time Mamata warned the TMC MLAs from the Netaji Indoor Stadium and gave a message to the councilors. The Trinamool supremo said, “The councilors will keep in touch with the mayors. I am also getting complaints about some councilors. There have been complaints of swamp filling. If a complaint is made against a councilor, he will be warned  and if allegation proves, he will be thrown out from the party.