Notorious inter-state Burglar and his aide arrested,Pistol,gold,Silver,Worth of Rs.52 lakhs recovered,11 cases detected by CCB.

Pramesh Jain

The CCB sleuths of OCW wing,has arrested a notorious inter-state professional robber and his associate and have recovered 1 Pistol,1 kg Gold,6 kg,Silver,1 Alto car and other valuables worth over Rs.52 lakhs recovered from them.The accused has been identified as,Sammu alias Basheer,35,of,devasandra in KR Puram and his associate Sajid Ali baig,35,of,Benson town.

The police have recovered over 1 kg gold,6 kg silver,one pistol,7 live rounds,1 alto car and other valuables worth over Rs.52 lakhs.Sandeep Patil,Joint CP,Crime,said,the accused would rob victims by threatening them at gun point.The gun which they have bought from Bihar has also been recovered and one other accused has managed to escape with their arrest totally 11 cases traced.In last one month,CCB has recovered 3.2 kg gold and detected 35 house theft cases he added.

Bengaluru city police commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,said,CCB,have been successfully been able to nab offenders who have broken into homes and removed lot of gold and silver jewellery.Recovery of a property is a very tricky job.Because our officers have to undergo lot of risk in different places in different language and under different social circumstances.

I am proud that my officers and men,especially ACP,Nagaraj and his team they went to different places and recovered them.But what I am astounded is that earlier the property offenders used to take this jewels to jewellery shop get it assist or sale it for a lesser rate and then they used to bargain but now they have become more experts.You can see that they have purchased a ornament melting machine so the moment they commit offence they bring it within their own environment they are able to melt this ornaments.

Then carefully weigh it in electric electronic sophisticated type so they are becoming more and more professional so we have been to nab that and seized the equipment also.But the bottom of this what i want to caution the citizens is that why do you keep your property in such a careless manner,neither your front door is secured nor your rear door is secured.I have seen that the thefts in the apartment is less because apartments are quite secured there is a watchman,there is perimeter security and there is a single door etc etc..

From Bengaluru city police we want to organize 8 different exhibitions in 8 different zones of bengaluru city,where we want to have this conducted on police ground itself.So that the vendors do not have to pay exorbitant exhibition fees.We desire to have vendors from CCTV,Private security,Safe,front door locks,and access control and GPS,etc so that people get educated about this and buy sophisticated equipment.

These offenders have also become so confident because now they know where the cupboard keys are kept,either below the pillow or below the bed,or above the cupboard,or inside the prayer room.These are the places these are all stereotypical places where people keep.

Now we have got several advanced equipment like face reading doors,then finger print doors,then number coded doors etc.I would urge people to use more technology to keep their things safer rather than adopting old technology or banks are there see how much of them lakhs to together jewellery if you are not using please keep it in the bank and banks are being crying that our lockers are empty.

The accused are from Bengaluru itself,one of them has a professional he has been in and out 30 times,what I feel very disappointed is that with so much of difficulty we catch this people and they ease with which they get bail.And bail is become a matter of rights and human rights are riding all over.Human rights of the offender becomes more important than the victim.

We are not able to answer people when the same person comes and commits why are you not arresting him,why are you not putting behind bars people perhaps have to much expectation from the police they think we can do anything but we have lot of limitation regards law is concerned.

We cannot take unilateral action we have to send this person on bail comes back and commit the same offence sometimes these people have been released on self bail in 392 cases that is armed robbery they have been released on bail and they are not available for any process they are not available for any warrant and if the trial is being taken and we are able to get conviction.Only convictions can bring punishment can bring fear in the mind of the offenders,and finally Bengaluru police commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,has appreciated Joint CP,Crime,Sandeep Patil,DCP,Kuldeep R Jain,ACP,SR Nagaraj,PIs,as,Keshavmurthy,Murugendraiah,and his team as,Mohan,Arun,and others, and a reward of twenty thousand will be given to the team he added.