Charles Sobhraj,the French serial killer released from central jail in Nepal

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Charles Sobhraj is free after 19 years. Finally, the infamous ‘Bikini Killer’ was released from Nepal’s jail on Wednesday. Following the order of the country’s Supreme Court, the French citizenguilty of double murder was released from prison. The court ordered him to be expelled from the country within 15 days. According to news agency ANI, the Supreme Court of Nepal ordered the release of Sobraj from jail on December 21. In 1975, a Nepalese court sentenced Sobhraj to life imprisonment in the case of the murder of two North American tourists in Kathmandu. He was arrested while returning to Nepal from France in 2003. Since then, he was in jail for almost 19 years. Sobhraj applied for release after being imprisoned for a long time.According to BBC sources, last Wednesday, the application for the release of the 78-year-old bikini killer was heard in the Supreme Court of Nepal. The court granted Sovraj’s plea keeping in mind his age, health, and good use of jail. However, within 15 days of release, the court ordered the notorious killer to go back to France. Sobhraj has been accused of drugging female tourists in various countries including Thailand in the seventies and early eighties. Most of his victims found killed and were wearing bikinis. Sobhraj was called ‘The Splitting Killer’ due to the way he killed. After the murder, he was nicknamed ‘The Serpent’ because of his smooth, reptilian-like escape. That time, Sobhraj’s name was really scary at  Thailand.It should be noted that between 1972 and 1976, Sobraj, who is of Indian origin, has been accused of murdering about 20 women. Of these, 14 were victims of Sovraj in Thailand. He was also in Tihar Jail for a long time for the crime of poisoning 3 tourists in Delhi. Proficient in multiple languages, Sobraj used his good looks and attractive personality to lure the ‘Shikar’.Sobhraj has also been accused of escaping from jail several times. He also escaped from Tihar by drugging a soldier in 1986. But a few days later he was arrested from a restaurant in Goa. After being released from India in 1997, Sobhraj went to France. After that he was arrested when he went to Nepal.