BS Yediyurappa takes oath as Karnataka CM for Fourth time,says ‘will prove majority at 10 am on Monday:

Draped in white safari suite,with a folded green shawl over his shoulders, Yediyurappa took oath in Kannada in the name of god in the presence of dignitaries, special invitees and top officials of the state, including police officers.Hundreds of party’s leaders,legislators,cadres and Yediyurappa’s family members were also present at the event amid tight security.
* The Congress,which lost power on Tuesday,boycotted what its leaders called an “unholy event”.
* The difference between the BJP government and the coalition government is that we work for the development.Forget and forgive is our mantra,BS Yediyurappa told the media persons after taking oath.
* Before his swearing-in,the 76-year-old changed the spelling of his name from “Yeddyurappa” to “Yediyurappa”.
* The three-time Chief Minister,who has never completed a term,wants to take no chances this time.His first term lasted one week and the second term,three years.The third stint was just 48 hours long.
* This morning,Mr Yediyurappa surprised many by heading to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Vajubhai Vala and stakes to form the government and asking to be sworn in, after a two-day wait for a go-ahead from his leadership in Delhi.
* The BJP was believed to be playing it safe to secure its numbers in the assembly but Mr Yediyurappa reportedly persuaded BJP chief Amit Shah to let him take charge in Karnataka.
* Sources say the clearance came after Karnataka BJP leaders assured Delhi that they had the support of the rebels and would win the vote.The rebels reportedly guaranteed their vote for the BJP in a video call with Karnataka leaders says sources.
* After the Karnataka election in May last year that yielded no clear winner,Mr Yediyurappa took charge as Chief Minister but resigned two days later,just before a trust vote,knowing he didn’t have the numbers.The Congress and Mr Kumaraswamy’s Janata Dal Secular then tied up to keep the BJP out of power.
* The BJP moved swiftly a day after Karnataka Speaker,KR Ramesh Kumar disqualified three of the 17 rebel lawmakers whose exits brought down the Congress-JDS coalition.In a floor test on Tuesday after four days of prolonged debate that the BJP alleged were an attempt to stall the vote, the coalition could manage only 99 votes to the BJP’s 105.
* The disqualifications bring down the strength of the House to 222,and the majority mark drops to 112. The BJP has 105 lawmakers and the support of an independent;another independent legislator was disqualified.The Congress-JDS has 100 (including a member who stayed away from the trust vote claiming he was unwell).
* Fifteen legislators set the Congress-JDS coalition’s downfall in motion with mass resignations earlier this month.They promptly flew out of Bengaluru to Mumbai, where they have been staying in a five-star hotel.The coalition accused Mr Yediyurappa of unleashing “Operation Lotus”,the name given by critics to what they call the BJP’s strategy of seizing power by drawing away lawmakers with money or other inducements.
* Congress and JDS leaders skipped the oath.Describing Mr Yediyurappa as a “corruption icon and former Jail Bird” in a tweet,the Karnataka Congress accused him of using “his excellent Horse Trading skills to subvert democracy and come to power.The party said the people of Karnataka remember his disastrous tenure as CM between 2008-2011,which ended with BSY (Yediyurappa) in Jail. History is all set to repeat again.”
“I have taken two prominent decisions at the Cabinet meeting. In addition to the PM Kisan scheme I will also provide two instalments of Rs 2,000 to the beneficiaries – BS Yediyurapa. “
Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa of BJP has sworn in as the 25th (in person) Chief Minister of the Karnataka.Yediyurappa was sworn in for the fourth time as Karnataka Chief Minister on Friday, three days after the fall of the 14-month-old Congress-Janata Dal Secular coalition in a test of strength.
Mr Yediyurappa said in his statement he will prove his majority in the Assembly at 10 am on Monday.His BJP,with the support of 106 lawmakers,is six short of a majority but Mr Yediyurappa says he is “101%” confident of winning.BJP chief Amit Shah reportedly gave his go-ahead to Mr Yediyurappa after Karnataka leaders assured that rebel lawmakers whose resignations brought down the Congress-JDS government of HD Kumaraswamy will back the BJP.
Newly sworn in Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Friday said he would move the motion of confidence in the assembly on July 29.
Yediyurappa was sworn as Chief Minister for a fourth time on Friday oath ceremony was administered by Governor Vajubhai Vala.
Security was heightened in and around Raj Bhavan more than 1000 police personnel with all the senior officers as,DG&IGP of Karnataka,Neelamani N Raju,with Commissioner of Police,Alok Kumar,Addl CPs,as,S.Murugan,Umesh Kumar,P.Harishekaran,Joint CP Crime as DIG,Dr.BR.Ravikanthe Gowda,Joint CP CAR,Suresh,DCPs,as,Dr.Chandragupta,Dr.Rohini Katoch Sepat,Jagadeesh,MN Anucheth,Ramesh Banoth,Shashi kumar,Rahul Kumar Sharpode,Bheemashankar Guled,Smt.Isha Pant,Dr.Vishnuvardhan,Sridhar,Girish S,Dr.Soumyalatha SK,Saraha Fathima,KP Ravikumar,with all ACPs,PIs,PSIs,and other staffs of law and order and Traffic were deployed for precautionary measures and with the elaborate security arrangements the oath ceremonial function went smooth and peacefully.
The cops inside the glass house of Raj Bhavan had tough time to control the massive crowd as crowd were trying to jump and enter the area which was barricaded but then also the cops deployed under the supervision of senior officers they controlled the crowd peacefully.
Karnataka Chief Minister-designate BS Yediyurappa has instructed heads of all departments to put on hold orders relating to new projects that were issued in the current month by the HD Kumaraswamy-led coalition government until further review.
He has also put on hold all transfers that were cleared, but have not been executed.
In a letter to all Additional Chief Secretaries,Principal Secretaries and secretaries of various departments,Chief Secretary TM Vijay Bhaskar said the CM-designate has directed that orders issued in July 2019 clearing new projects should be put on hold with immediate effect until further review.
He said the CM-designate has also instructed that proposals of transfers that were cleared in July, but have not been executed should be put on hold until further orders.
Meanwhile a person came dressed up in like PM Narendra Modi spotted at the swearing in ceremony he has cherished the crowd and huge supporters enjoyed by seeing the man dressing like Narendra Modi and huge celebrations were seen by the party workers outside the Raj Bhavan and party office at Malleshwaram also supporters enjoyed the swear in ceremony of BS Yediyurappa and LED screen were was installed outside Raj Bhavan and Malleshwaram party office for the public and party workers and supporters.
All the MLAs MLC with Many MPs,Retired IAS,IPS,with other officers and leaders were present at the oath ceremony.
Traffic was not allowed and it was diverted in and around Raj Bhavan area in view of oath ceremony and many dignitaries attended the function.
Senior BJP leaders congratulated BS Yediyurappa on twitter after taking oath as Chief Minister of karnataka.
The swearing in came after weeks of murky political drama and legal battle triggered by the resignation of 15 rebel Congress and JDS MLAs that led to the fall of the coalition government on Tuesday.
This is Yediyurappa’s fourth stint as the Karnataka chief minister and second in the current Assembly.He had taken oath as the Karnataka chief minister in May 2018 after the BJP emerged as the single-largest party in the state polls.The party failed to secure support from other parties prompting Yediyurappa to resign before voting on the confidence motion. He was the chief minister for just three days.
Yediyurappa became Karnataka chief minister for the first time in 2007.The stint lasted only a week with the JDS backtracking on its promise to extending support to the government.His second stint was the longest three years two months – between May 2008 and July 2011,when he was indicted by the Karnataka Lokayukta in a corruption case forcing him to resign.
His fourth stint has come in the backdrop of a huge defection drama for which the Congress-JDS coalition blamed Yediyurappa earlier this month.
Eighteen of the MLAs including two Independent withdrew support to the Kumaraswamy government.This brought the Congress-JDS alliance in minority in Karnataka Assembly.
 BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje on Friday asserted that BS Yediyurappa, who will take oath as Karnataka chief minister in the evening, enjoys the support of a majority of MLAs in the state assembly and he will provide a stable government.Speaking to reporters here, Karandlaje,a former minister in the state and considered a Yediyurappa loyalist, refuted suggestions that the BJP central leadership wanted to adopt a more cautious approach and wait for a few more days.Yediyurappa staked claim to form the government only after getting a nod from the central leadership.He and the central leaders are on the same page,the Lok Sabha MP from the state said to reporters.
After taking oath as the 25th Chief Minister of Karnataka,BS Yediyurappa on Friday evening said that over the next few days he will show how the administration should be done and aims to rectify the maladministration.The Karnataka CM also saluted those who were martyred at Kargil.In his first press conference after taking office,he vowed not to indulge in vendetta.He asserted that his priority is to address and help the drought facing farmers who are in distress,along with weavers and workers.He was sworn in for the fourth term as Karnataka CM at the Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru,succeeding Congress leader HD Kumaraswamy.Yediyurappa also announced that he has taken two prominent decisions at the Cabinet meeting.In addition to the PM Kisan scheme,he will also provide two instalments of Rs 2,000 to the beneficiaries.He said that on July 29,his government will hold the confidence motion at 10 am.The finance bill will be taken up right after that,he added. Yediyurappa also said that he will make a decision on the cabinet after discussing with leaders in Delhi.Yediyurappa thanked the of 6.5 crore citizens of Karnataka and lakhs of workers for their hard work.He also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister,Amit Shah for their blessings,adding that it was because of them that he had been able to come to this position.He said,Firstly, I salute those who were martyred at Kargil.I thank the 6.5 crore people of the state.I believe that this is paying respect to Karnataka citizens.Over the next few days, we will show how the administration is to be done.Apart from blessings,hard work of lakhs of workers,I’ve also the blessings of PM Modi and Amit Shah.My aim is to rectify maladministration.I vow to not indulge in vendetta. Forget and forgive is my belief.Farmers are in distress and my priority is to help them along with weavers and workers.I have come to this place thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. We will focus primarily on drought facing farmers and workers.On July 29 we will hold the confidence motion of this government at 10 am. Finance bill will be taken up right after confidence motion.I will make a decision on the cabinet after I discuss with leaders in Delhi,” he further added.
Yediyurappa has held office for three terms from November 12-19,2007; May 30, 2008-July 31, 2011; and May 17, 2018-May 19, 2018.
He took oath three days after Kumaraswamy resigned on July 23 following his defeat in the floor test by six votes in the Assembly when he had put to vote his confidence motion on Tuesday at the end of four-day marathon debate.
After the fall of Kumaraswamy government, Speakar KR Ramesh Kumar disqualified three rebel Congress MLAs, making them ineligible to become minister in the Yediyurappa government as was widely speculated.Decision on 14 other rebel MLAs is still pending with the Speaker.
At present,the strength of the BJP is 105 and the single largest party in the Assembly of 224 MLAs.It also enjoys the declared support of one Independent MLA. With three disqualified, the total strength has come down to 221.The official majority mark is 112.
If the rebel MLAs stay away from voting, the strength of Karnataka Assembly will be 207.The half-way mark will then be 104. The BJP is comfortably placed.
If the rebel MLAs vote in favour of the Yediyurappa government,the BJP will have no problem in sailing through.The Yediyurappa government will have support of 120 MLAs.
But if the Congress-JDS leadership is able to convince MLAs to come back to their fold, and vote against the BJP in the floor test, the Karnataka politics will be back to square one.The BJP will have 106 MLAs voting for it when it requires support of 112.
The Congress and the JDS,earlier, criticised Governor Vajubhai Vala’s decision to invite Yediyurappa for government formation calling the move anti-democratic.The Congress said the BJP does not have majority in Karnataka Assembly.