binod takiawala

Nowadays builders are openly making mockery of system and have no fear of law and order. One such case can be seen with PDM University, Bhadurgarh, Haryana, where they have started a real estate project and after approximately 8 years files for bankruptcy and on the other hand they invited Punjabi Singer Harddy Sandhu for a function and paying heavily to him to promote their university on admission time from middle class hard earned money. Retired defence personal, serving people, senior citizens all are suffering because of builder nuisance. PDM have not paid their staff salaries from past one year.

So in response to this more than 200 suffering families with their kids and women have gathered at PDM University , Bhadurgarh Haryana on to  fight against corrupt builder to save their hard earned money.

Few demands by people

  1. Completion of the project and allocation of the flats, or refund of  money with interest.

  1. PDM group should show intention to complete the flats or stop living lavish life style and unnecessary expenses like hosting lavish parties at PDM university campus. So they can refund the hard earned money of homebuyers

  1. Thorough investigation and detailed Forensic Audit of companies and Directors & their family members bank accounts of last 10 years

  1. Arrest of directors based on forensic audit report of last 3 years and Delhi EOW FIR no. 0059 dated 04/04/2019.