Two Dance Bars Running Illegally Raided by CCB Police,112 women rescued,75 customers and 7 Staff arrested and recovered Rs.2.10 lakhs.

Bengaluru CCB police in last 10 days has raided 2 dance bars running illegally as,CHEF INN REGENCY,Bar and Restaurant in Domlur area under Jeevanbhimangar Police station limits and SINGER PRESIDENT,Bar and Restaurant in cottonpet police station limits and has arrested totally seven people,including its manager and cashier for running an illegal dance bar and recovered cash worth Rs.2.10 lakhs with other equipments has been seized during the raids.
In last 10 days,CCB officials as on 21st June conducted a raid at on Singer President Bar and restaurant and as on 28th June on Chef Inn Regency located in GT Road and Domlur.
They reportedly recovered Rs.1.04 lakh in cash from Chef Inn Regency and  Rs.1.06 lakh from Singer President Bar and restaurant and rescued totally 112 women,who were illegally employed by the management.The women were allegedly being used to entertain customers who visited the bar and totally 75 customers were arrested during the raid.
The arrested accused have been identified as,Lakshmikanth,(48),Manager and Shankar 42,Cashier of Singer President Bar and Restaurant along with Dinesh Puvaiah (42)manager,Dinesh Kumar(41),Cashier,Riyazudin,(52), Prakash Dutt,(23),and Hegyaraj(23)all residents of city.Along with this,75 customers have been booked for Showering money on the women while they were dancing.
112 women from neighbouring states and north India were rescued by the police during the raid in Singer President Bar and restaurant and Chef Inn Regency.
The raid was conducted as part of a drive conducted by Police Commissioner Alok Kumar, who has been looking to weed out restaurants and pubs in the city, which are attempting to bypass the law. He had given specific orders that action be taken against illegal activities,including gambling, dance bars and illegal chit funds.
Earlier in June, in a similar case Times Bar and restaurant was raided,266 women were rescued from a dance bar, which had been running in the city illegally.In connection with this, 237 people,including almost 200 customers and 44 workers of the dance bar, had been arrested at the time.
The operation had been carried out under the direction of CCB,DIG,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda and CCB,DCP,Crime Girish S.
Senior officer, told media persons,that based on the instructions by Commissioner of Police,Alok Kumar,to keep a strict vigil on dance bars running illegally in city based on the instructions a team headed by DCP Crime,Girish S,ACP Ramachandraiah and his special enquiry squad team based on credible Information gave a surprise visit to,The Singer President Bar and restaurant in GT Road and the Chef Inn Regency Bar and restaurant in Domlur were found operating in violation of rules and regulations as customers were seen Showering money on girls and dancing with them by touching them in inappropriate manner and including dress codes for its employees and were provoking customers to pick up women working at the bars,At the Singer President Bar and Restaurant a total of,38 bar women were rescued and the bar, Manager,Cashier and 27 customers were arrested for showering money on Bar tenders in the raid. At the Chef Inn Regency Bar and restaurant 74 women were rescued while 5 staff members and 48 customers were arrested for floating the rules and regulations and running dance bar illegally.Altogether totally 112 women were rescued,with 75 customers were arrested and Rs.2.10 lakhs was recovered from them.and in last 10 days we have arrested seven person for running a dance bar illegally.During the course of investigation it was revealed that,The accused employed the women to entertain clients who visited the bar.Customers were allowed to shower money on them while they danced.Those who paid more were allowed to dance with them.A detailed investigation by the team it has come to light that the women,employed as Bar tenders some of them were locals while others were from other states, and they were lured with the promise of good jobs, and that they were being forced to dance in order to attract more customers to the establishment and they were seen touching the girls in inappropriate manner and including dress codes for its employees and were provoking customers to pick up women working at the bars and a case has been registered in Cottonpet  police station and Jeevanbhimangar Police station against all the seven accused and further investigation is on and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Alok Kumar,has appreciated,DIG,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,DCP,Crime,Girish S,ACPs as,Ramachandraiah,Smt.Shobha Kattavekar,Mohan Kumar,and PIs,as,V.Narayanaswamy,Mohammad Sharieff,V.Narayana Swamy,A.P.Kumar with other crime staff has been appreciated for the tremendous job done by them in getting raided a dance bars running illegally he added.