Robotic Precision 100% blade free cataract surgery

Amit Pant 

A cataract is a condition that is commonly found in older people and this condition is the result of the lens of the eye that becomes cloudy progressively. Eventually, the light gets distorted, when it passes through the cataract and the result is the blurred view. Other symptoms can be muted colours and fuzzy vision. When cataract disturbs the day to day activities or limits the activities, it demands cure with medical treatment.

The medical treatment required to cure cataract is to remove the cataract and intraocular lens implant replacement. It is performed through an advanced surgical procedure called femto laser cataract surgery, in which femto precision laser is employed in the procedure.

The advanced Catalys Femtosecond Laser System is indicated for cataract surgery patients, for crystalline lens removal. The uses intended in the procedure of cataract surgery include phacofragmentation, capsulotomy and single and multi-plane arc incisions or cuts creation in the cornea. Each of these sub-procedures can be performed during the procedure, either individually or consecutively.

Catalys Femtosecond Laser System the surgeons to perform the cataract surgery procedure with precision and enables the cataract procedure to enjoy better outcomes with minimized complications. The precision it offers has no comparison with the precision offered with the traditional system. Catalys has been developed by Silicon Valley based Opti Medica Corp. and it features advanced 3D imaging, state-of-the-art laser and many more innovative and advanced features.

Catalys system offers excellent imaging and accurate laser delivery through liquid Optics Interface and gentle docking having lesser rise of intraocular pressure and clear optics. Catalys system enables easier guidance for laser delivery through automated surface mapping and proprietary 3D Full Volume OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), named as Integral Guidance System. This image guidance system that helps the sytem to map ocular surfaces, thereby establishing safety zones and enabling to customize and select the tratmetn by the physician. The system ensures that the delivery of the femtosecond laser pulses is direct and precise to the location intended. Better cataract softening and complete segmentation of the cataract is enabled with grid sizing that can be adjustable. Precise capsulotomies is possible within 30 um. It offers anatomical landmarks based options, like multiple corneal incision centration options.

Dr Arjun Narang, Senior Cataract & Lasik Surgeon at Narang Eye Institute, New Delhi is the youngest cataract surgeon in the world who has completed 500+ robotic precision blade free cataract surgeries in India. The procedure starts with scanning of the eye with the Catalys laser precision system. Since every eye is unique, complete scanning is performed, creating 3D map of the structures within the eye. Detailed and accurate existing structure enables the surgeons to plan totally customized treatment to be tailored for the eye to be operated.

Initially surgeon creates a circular opening for accessing the cataract and removing the same. Then light will be focused by the laser, for creating incisions precisely and exactly where the procedure is intended to perform. These incisions are made in just a few seconds and discomfort levels are minimal or null. Numerous clinical studies have reported that the accuracy in opening the cataract is 10 times more approximately, compared with the traditional surgery performed manually. Then the hard cataract will be softened and broken up into very small or tiny pieces, by the Catalys system and it also allows easier and gentler removal of the cataract.

Catalys offers various benefits to both the surgeons and the patients.Beneficial to the surgeons, with very precise treatment. Enables the surgery procedure with highly customized ways with the help of 3D advanced imaging. Reduced inflammation, thereby faster and rapid visual recovery, most commonly. Treatment leaves the patient with no or little discomfort. Very easier and gentler removal of cataract. Enables to design tailored treatment by adapting advanced technology that replace contacts or glasses, post surgery.

Speaking on the same Dr. Arjun Narang says, “Femtosecond laser is the advanced technology which is been used for performing cataract surgery. This is the newest technology using CATALYS® Precision Laser System which is helpful for the patients who are looking for the cataract surgery in near future. With the use of Femtosecond, the results are more accuracy, provides maximum precision and greater safety for the patients.” The femtosecond laser system has been widely used for cataract surgery widely, in the medical industry, as it has been approved by FDA and beneficial to the surgeons for accurate, customized and tailored procedure for each patient and beneficial to the patient for highly accurate and successful procedure with minimized complications and faster recovery.