Varshitha Poornima Das, NGO Activist says,Nalapad threatened me 3 years ago

“Farzi Cafe on Saturday night has now opened a can of worms” .
Once I was victim of MLA Harris and his followers dadagiri in an NGO conference.
Time is the medicine,that day I wept silently and today he is crying in public.
Kaalaya thasmai namaha said by Varshitha  Poornima Das,Founder and managing trustee of Nischinth social welfare trust .
Varshitha Poornima Das, Chairman and founder of Nischinth social welfare trust,and who is even member of Jaya Karnataka, a pro-Kannada organization, has lashed out against the media and city police for refusing to take her complaint against Bengaluru’s Shanthinagar MLA NA Harris and his rogue son Mohammad Nalapad three years ago. In a video, she said that no police station accepted her complaint when she had raised her voice against Harris’ and his son’s atrocities. Without taking names, she accused members of the Muslim community who threatened her at MG Road that they will butcher her into pieces
A woman has now come forward alleging that Mohammad along with his henchmen had threatened to kill her three years ago.
The woman, identified as Varshitha  Poornima Das, also levelled a serious allegation against the Cubbon Park police.
She stated that they tore off her complaint against Mohammad and refused to take any action. This allegation and the recent suspension of the Cubbon Park police inspector Vjay Hadagali for dereliction of duty in Mohammad case has put the station in poor light.
Poornima told reporters that the incident took place three years ago near a hotel on MG Road during a conference organised by an NGO.
She claimed that Mohammad and his henchmen issued life threats to her when she questioned something during a conference.
“Political Clout always helped him “.
Poornima Das, In her video she said that I  don’t want this statement of mine to be misunderstood.The reason for uploading this video is that we have been watching the Haris saga on TV for the last 2 days. Let ‘s agree that the media is doing a good job.But what about the opposition parties? They have become hyperactive due to upcoming elections.You have been going on about Vidvat getting assaulted by Haris son.But 3 years ago, I was also harassed by this same man,why didn’t anyone come to help me ? I even went to the police station to complain about him.But even before I reached the police station,They had got a call to tear the complaint that I had lodged.I went to Cubbon Park Police station to give a written complaint but they stated that the complaint could not be registered as it wasn’t under their jurisdiction.They sent me to ulsoor station,when I went to ulsoor station,they said the same thing.They made me run around from pillar to post.I was sitting in the police station,They got a call at the time the caller asked the cop to tear the complaint.I was sitting right in front of them when the complaint was torn.What about all these political parties,The Bajrang Dal,Shri Ram Sena ETC ? When I approached these parties to give me justice,they asked me to form a big group of 500 – 1000 people.Why do we need two- faced parties If we need to gather our own gangs? Everyone says media,but who believes the media now ? Who believes the police ? Who believes Sri Ram Sena and Muthalik?  Such people should be ashamed of themselves.They say time is the medicine.That day I cried my heart out because no one helped me.But today the world has gone around and Mohammed Nalapad Haris is crying in public.The world is round what goes around comes around.
Senior officer said that they will take up the case if the women files a police complaint. She is welcome to file a complaint .Based on the facts we shall take up the case and investigate it he added.