Speech of the President at the Convocation Ceremony of the passing out Engineering Graduate Courses of college of Military Engineering, Pune

1. It is indeed a proud privilege for me to be present amidst you for the convocation ceremony of this prestigious College. At the outset, I would like to congratulate all the graduating officers for the successful completion of the course.

2. This convocation is a significant milestone in your academic growth. The degrees and awards earned by all of you are a result of your relentless hardwork and immense dedication. This is a proud moment for all of you, as much as it is for your instructors, guides, faculty members and parents. Your quest for higher learning, which began in the portals of the college, will continue all through your professional life in the Indian Army. Learning is a never ending process and the firm foundation provided to you by your alma mater will empower you to explore new horizons.

3. Gentlemen, while the successful completion of your course is a matter of pride and joy, it is just a stepping stone to the challenges that lie ahead of you in the future. You live in an era where the pace of technology transition is taking place at a mind bobbling pace that even as I speak, new concepts are being introduced, established paradigms are being refined and research is opening new vistas. The change being driven by pathbreaking research is both exhilarating and mesmerising.

4. As young technocrats, it will be your challenge, to imbibe the latest developments in the field of technology for defence forces. As the technical intellect of armed forces, the nation will look upto you to define and modify the way defence forces operate by exploiting these technological advancement. As engineers in uniform, you have to perform the dual role of being good engineers and equally good soldiers. You face the formidable task of providing the Indian Armed Forces with the technical know-how and skills required by them to fulfill their assigned task of ensuring the security of the nation and millions of our people. Building infrastructure in the remote areas of the country is one of the biggest challenge and enormous responsibility rests on you as engineers. I am sure you will make full use of the technical knowledge and expertise gained here to meet the above challenges.

5. As you all are aware, knowledge is the emerging currency of the world in the present century. You should make full use of technical knowledge acquired by you at this prestigious institution of excellence of military engineering. You can be successful in all your endeavors only by being professionally competent and by keeping abreast with the latest developments. The need of the hour is therefore to exploit the cutting edge technologies which are best suited to meet the requirements. I am sure the technical knowledge you have acquired will stand you in good stead. Your passion to accept challenges would empower you further to achieve unprecedented goals.

6. I am pleased to learn that the college will be celebrating its platinum jubilee next year. In these glorious 75 years the college has left an indelible mark in the service to the nation. I am told that the personnel who have passed through the portals of CME have proved their mettle both in operations and peacetime. This has been made possible due to the untiring efforts of the faculty in ensuring that the institution kept pace with the changing security environment and technological advancements.

7. In the rapidly changing environment, one factor which has not changed is the faith reposed in the armed forces by the entire nation. The Indian Army Engineers have traditionally left their mark on prestigious national projects be it oil pipe line at Siachen, prestigious naval bases and airfields in the north and north east or roads cutting through the Himalayan ranges. I am sure that each and every one of you will also follow the footsteps of your illustrious predecessors and shall live up to the high standards expected of you.

8. Today, as you graduate I implore you to set yourself a befitting goal and having done so, utilise your technical threshold and dedicated hardwork to realise it. My compliments and appreciation go out to all of you, especially the award winners, for achieving this wonderful success in their endeavours.

9. In the end, I wish you all a rewarding and professionally satisfying career, good health, and success in all your endeavours. The best wishes of the entire nation are with you.