PM Modi is leading Bharath in right direction: MP Basavaraj Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the country in the right direction for development.Uniting everyone and moving forward is no easy task,but Modi has taken bold steps with determination,said former Chief Minister and MP Basavaraj Bommai.

Inaugurating a felicitation ceremony organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party for the people and workers of the Gadag constituency at the Tontadarya Kalyana Mantapa on Sunday,he expressed his gratitude.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the mothers, farmers,brothers,sisters,young men,and women of Gadag district who gave me a lead of 16,000 votes and elected me as an MP.I promise to honour the valuable votes you have given”.

He said this election was for the development of the country.The PM is leading the country in the right direction for development.

It is not easy to unite everyone and move forward,but he has taken bold steps with determination.The Congress party,which won the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, 2019,and now 2024,has reduced its seats with each election.

The current state of the Congress is such that they are celebrating by distributing sweets when a child is born in the neighboring house,he remarked sarcastically.

Congress amended the Constitution more

Bommai said the Congress party has made the most amendments to the Constitution and they even amended the Constitution to overturn a court order granting alimony to a poor Muslim woman after divorce, thereby distorting the court’s order.

The BJP has increased the reservations in the state and protected the interests of the SC/ST communities.The current Congress government,by announcing guarantees and then raising prices,is giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

They have increased the prices of petrol,diesel, clothing,groceries,and imposed a burden on the poor. Despite severe drought in the state,no compensation was given to farmers, leading to their anger against the state government.

When Yediyurappa was the CM,he provided ₹5 lakhs as compensation to those who lost their homes.

Measures for Water Issues:

Saying that drinking water issue in the twin cities as a challenge,Bommai assured that steps would be taken to find a permanent solution and efforts would be made to transform Gadag into an industrial hub by bringing in industries.

He expressed confidence that BJP would once again fly its flag in the upcoming Assembly elections next year.

Nargund MLA C.C.Patil said that this election brought both pain and joy. While Basavaraj Bommai’s victory brought joy, the fewer seats won at the center pained him.

The voters of Gadag constituency gave a lead of over 16,000 votes this time.Bommai received good number of votes in rural areas as well.

Learning from the mistakes of previous elections and organizing the workers,the BJP wad able to secure this victory.Bommai’s involvement in the Kalasa Banduri struggle would lead to a solution in the future.

Shirahatti MLA Dr.Chandru Lamani,BJP district president,Raju Kuradagi,Kantilal Bansali,M.S. Karegoudar,Ravi Dandin,Shekhar Sajjanar,Shankranna Indi,municipal vice-president,Sunanda Bakale,Nirmala Koli,Mohan Malashetti,Siddanna Palleda,Santosh Akki, Anil Abbigere,and other dignitaries were present.