Who is the Real Hero in the Actor Darshan Case?

Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

I n the Actor Darshan case,one individual stands out as the real hero: Inspector Girish Naik of the Kamakshipalya Police Station.

Initially assigned to the station as part of election duty, Inspector Naik’s courage,sharpness,and sincerity transformed the entire scenario of the case.

His diligent work led to Darshan and other high-profile actors being apprehended,despite media outlets celebrating other officers as the heroes in this case.

Another notable figure is the Commissioner of Bengaluru City B Dayananda.Facing immense pressure, he made the critical decision to proceed with tracing the culprits,providing essential support to Inspector Naik and his team.

Their combined efforts deserve significant recognition. If Inspector Naik had ignored the crucial evidence,this case might have remained an unsolved mystery,just another statistic among the many reported in Karnataka.

The department should honor Inspector Girish Naik, who has a commendable track record and is an asset to the force.

Unfortunately,someone else is taking and given all the credit solely due to their higher rank.

The media should acknowledge the reality and praise those truly deserving of recognition.