Techfusion Sunrise Summit-2023: Bengaluru Cybersphere for excellence launched by Karnataka Home Minister Dr.G Parameshwara

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Taking the cyber investigation and security to another level,the state police in collaboration with leading Tech companies in Bengaluru proposed to launch “ Bengaluru Cybersphere for excellence”here on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion,Director General and Inspector General of Police,Alok Mohan,said that the creation of cybersphere innovation centre will serve as state of art hub for knowledge sharing innovation and skill development.

This will enhance security,foster partnership and contribute to the prosperity of Bengaluru.

Elaborating on the objective of the projects,city police commissioner,B.Dayananda,said that the cybersphere innovation lab will develop a cutting edge technology for law enforcement and public safety.

The objective according to Mr.Dayananda is also on sharing information and expertise between home department and tech companies to improve security measures and strategies .

The proposed lab also offer training and development program for both government and tech company personnel to enhance their capabilities .

Apart from the object of the lab is also to involve community in security initiatives and built a trust between the people and law enforcement agencies .

The objective of the lab is to contain cyber crime, building firewalls towards cyber safety.

The lab is also aim s on upgrading technology to monitor social media in more effective way in terms of law and order and crime prevention.

Funding for the centre will be shared by home department and participating tech companies.The project will be implemented in Phased manner with initial focus on establishing centre and launching collaborative workshops and seminars.Ongoing activities and projects will follow as part of long term commitment.

Creating Cybersphere centre for excellence will provide an opportunity for the home department and the Tech companies to join forces in enhancing security , fostering innovation and creating safe atmosphere for safety and prosperity of Bengaluru,Mr.Dayananda,said.