Once in a century,Visvesvaraya must born:Basavaraj Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

B harat Ratna Sir M.Visvesvaraya was a great visionary and his services are required even now in the Bharat, said former chief minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at the Founder’s Day function and presentation of Sir M.V.Memorial Award organised by FKCCI here on Friday,he said India is a special country and such a country was not found anywhere.

Those who went in search of the Bharat found out other countries but they never found the Bharat.In Bharat, there was no any state like Karnataka which is unique. The people and culture was very special.

The land and water of this state has a lot of importance.The people of Karnataka who go anywhere have spread the essence of Kannada and leading a simple life.Their role model has been the ‘Great Son of India’ Sir M.Visvesvaraya.

They were fortunate to have been born in the state where this stateman was born.Sir M.V.was a man of humanity and a good achiever.

He said Swami Vivekananda had said,there was no death for an achiever and the biggest achievement has been living even after death.The achievements of Sir M.V.had been there even after his death.

The former Dewan of Mysore State had the analytical mind due to which he emerged as a good engineer and a stateman.He would implement whatever he thought.

Sir M.V grew above the world and his works were seen in Hyderabad,Bihar,Maharashtra and Karnataka.He built dams and established factories.

The visionaries like Sir M.V. and the kings of the erstwhile Mysore State helped Karnataka to emerge as silicon valley of the Bharat.The continuation of the same became the reason for the growth of IT/BT in the State.

The former CM said they needed Visvesvaraya for every century as such person was required for the welfare of the community.

At present,Bharat has a visionary leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Everything was not possible with money but it required a visionary leader and the working people.

Once wealth had a lot of value but now work was more important than money.The best way of showing respect to Sir MV was to achieve at least one percent of his achievements.

On this occasion,Bommai appreciated the achievements of the Volvo Company Managing Director Bali and said he was the right choice for the award.

The Volvo Group MD Kamal Bali was felicitated. Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot,FKCCI President B.V.Gopalareddy and others were present.