Kshatriyas know how to hold the sword and also the sword of knowledge-CM Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Kshatriyas responsible for the Hindu society to be safe

The Kshatriyas know how to hold the sword for the war and also the sword of knowledge,said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating a mammoth convention of the Kshatriya.Samaj organised by Karnataka Kshatriya Federation here on Sunday,he said the Indians cannot live United without the Kshatriya community and this samaj is responsible for the Hindu society to be safe.

The brave kings like Sri Rama,Krishna,Samrat Ashok, Rana Pratap Singh and Shivaji Maharaj have ruled the nation.

Likewise Swami Vivekananda was also a Kshatriya and he showed to the world that even the community knows how to hold the sword of knowledge.

It is welcomed that 38 sub-sects have jointly organised this convention. This community is involved in various family professions and doing it honestly.

The children must become educated for the better future.The government is ready to study your demands legally about the welfare of the sub-dects within the community,and also establishing the Kshatriya Development Corporation as well as the financial assistance to build the community hall.

During the unification of India, hundreds of the Kshatriya kings relinquished their posts and agreed to become the part of India.

BJP National General Secretary Arun Singh, MP P.C.Mohan and others were present.