Three fake BBMP staff arrested by Northeast CEN Police

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan

The Northeast division cyber crime police on Wednesday arrested a gang of three persons who were cheating gullible people posing as BBMP staff promised to provide laptops for poor students under govt.schemes.

The accused has been identified as,Roopesh D,Harsha M,Mohan@Bora.

The accused would dial random numbers and talk to people posing as staff of social welfare department of BBMP and offer them laptops for poor students .

Once the accused is keen on listening to their scheme, the accused would explain the scheme and even get more people through them.

The accused would on the pretext of application, registration and process fee extort money from the people and escape .

Based on the complaint,the police track down the accused through technical details and arrested them.

Anoop A Shetty,DCP, Northeast division,said Inquiries revealed that the accused have cheated many people using similar modus operandi in North and South Division.

The accused have been booked under various section of the IT act and taken into custody for further investigations.