MLA ticket fraud case:seer arrested from Odisha by CCB

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

A week after the hot pursuit,the Central Crime Branch officials on Tuesday arrested Abhinava Halashree Swamiji,who was on the run after the arrest of six of his associates in a MLA ticket cheating case .

The accused had escaped soon after the CCB officials arrested Hindu activist Chaitra K and five of her associate on the charges of cheating of five crore from Govindababu Pujary,a businessman promising him MLA ticket from BJP.

Halashree Swamiji,who was the main accused in this fraud case,was absconding to Mysuru from there taken different route to reach Bhuvaneshwar before boarding a train to Varanasi .

The special team who are tracking him down finally intercepted him on moving train near Cuttack in Odisha on Tuesday.

The accused had changed his get up and was wearing a pull over and tea-shirt.He had also purchased a new mobile phone and a SIM card to communicate with his associate to get update on the development,a senior officer, said .

The accused Chaitra who allegedly developed seizure in the custody of the CCB and admitted to Victoria hospital for treatment was taken into custody again for questioning.She had told the media that big names will come out after the arrest of Swamiji.

Swamiji will be the seventh accused arrested in the case as Chaitra and her five associates identified as Gagan Kadur,Ramesh,Dhanraj,Prajwal and Srikanth were arrested.