A TMC leader allegedly killed by goons in Murshidabad

Abhijit Ray from Kolkata:A Trinamool leader was shot dead while returning home on motorbike. A lot of unrest  spreads in Murshidabad’s Lalbagh based on the incident. Whether this  deathhaooenedecause of political enmity?, there are  confusion about it. Police are investigating the incident.It is known that the deceased’s name is Altaf Sheikh. The person is a resident of KeshavpurNaodapara, Raninagar, Murshidabad and is the head teacher of Naodapara Madrasa by profession. However, he was also associated with politics. He was associated with CPM for a long time and was also the  CPM party chief of Raninagar. Later, he had joined Trinamool. He is the block general secretary of Trinamool. On Tuesday, it was the main election of Lochanpur panchayat in Raninagar block and because of this,  Altaf Sheikh was present  there. The miscreants fired at him while returning home by bike from there and he was lying on the street in a bloody state.  Altaf was quickly rescued and taken to Murshidabad Medical  Hospital.Altaf underwent surgery at Murshidabad Medical in the same night  but that didn’t help either. The teacher died on Wednesday morning. The incident has created a lot of unrest in the area. The reason for the murder has become a mystery. Some people think that this incident is due to politics. However, the block president of Raninagar Block 1, Mustafa Sarkar, claims that there is no political link in the shooting of the teacher.His argument was that the deceased teacher was in favor of forming a new Panchayat head. Meanwhile, Trinamool MP Shantanu Sen attacked the opposition for pointing out the incident. He said, “Leaders of various parties are creating an atmosphere of unrest in the state. The possibility of the opposition joining cannot be ruled out.” However, the police have started an investigation to find out the exact cause of this incident.