Interaction with youths,College days were my best days,Happy to have helped with people in distress-CM Bommai.

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

A s a politician he has responded to the people in distress and despite the political field is quite challenging it has brought him a sense of contentment.

These are the words of ‘Common Man’ Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

In an interaction with the students here on Wednesday, he shared with the youths his student life,life experience and also his Political life.

Replying to Khoo Founder Aprameya’s question which profession at which stage has brought him happiness in his life,the CM said student life is best and he will recall those days now also.

Days of sitting with my friends in back bench are relished even now.I feel happy as businessman and providing jobs to others.

Double engine for nation’s progress

The CM said no other country has so much of chances and opportunities as in India.Today,they are ahead in the field of science & technology and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said it is their time of duty.

Earlier those who were owning the land were ruling the world and now it is ruled by the people with knowledge. This is the century of knowledge.Both Karnataka and India have the bright future.

Closeness with Modi

Sharing details of the time spent with Modi, he said one who will spend few time with him will become his fan. Modi always wants to learn new things and always sees everything with a positive outlook.

The another name for a man with complete personality is Modi.Under his leadership,the country has got a definite aim.

Recalling his days of time spent in the KLE campus, he said he is 40 year old student of that institution and will miss the campus even now.

There were only three branches while studying and best and disciplined teachers were there.We had organised the trip even before getting permission from the principal and the college canteen was his best Adda.

Asked him to give advise to students, the CM said youths must think where they are wasting time.Their stress level will increase if most time is given to watching TV and games instead of studies.

A perfect time management will reduce the stress level. Go to bed early and wake up early and do physical exercise to be healthy.

The social media must be used only if necessary. Onemust have self confidence and belief on himself or herself. Then success will come in search of you.

Replying to a student on improving the dental field, Bommai said lot of people in North Karnataka eat tobacco and his wish is to hold a series of health campus.The services of dental students will be utilised to create awareness among the people.

Noted sportsperson Pankaj Advani,actor Praneeta, singer Chandan Shetty and BJP Yuva morcha’s Anil Shetty were present. Around 500 students attended the interaction program.