Name the outcome of summit as ‘Bengaluru Declaration’, CM Bommai suggests

Dr B Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the Asian Chapter of Education World forum is playing an important role to promote peer learning among different countries and educational institutions which is critical for adopting best practices in education.

Speaking at the inauguration of Asian Summit on Education and Skill (ASES) & Didac India-2022 here on Wednesday,the CM said this forum must become a platform to provide solutions and the report of this workshop on education must be called ‘Bengaluru declaration’.

The government is ready to implement the solutions arrived at in this meeting.

The system of education policy and teaching technique has changed.The change must be in the right direction and must help in evolving a good education system.

Any education does not end just after obtaining the degree as they are just milestones and still they will have a long way to cover.

All of them are lifelong students as they will learn new things every day.The education must be pro-learning and clarity on what, when and how much to teach, and that is possible through new technology and methods.

This concept can be taught to students through the visual media but it reduce the analytical thinking in them.

The students must learn easily and happily. The policy must be framed by putting themselves in the level of children”.

Stress on technology for all real solutions

Bommai observed that higher education was throwing more and more challenged and not it is the time for the students to adapt to changes.

So,there is a lot of responsibility on the higher education as it will help a student to pick a profession of his choice and prosper.

Despite new Apps coming out daily they are not effective on local and globally.The current situation needs technology that will provide the real solutions to problems.

Student-centric schemes

The CM said Karnataka has been in the forefront of imparting best education in the country and has the best educational institutions.

Since from the days of maharajas, the State has a good primary, secondary and professional courses imparting institutions.

Our forefathers have successfully included both knowledge and meditation together.While meditation helps in good thinking and the knowledge helps to face the world.

The State has never lagged behind in the technical education.There are 400 R&D Centres in Bengaluru and Karnataka was the first state to privatise technical education.

The present government has taken a number of important decisions and steps are being taken to upgrade the seven engineering colleges to IIT model.

Next year,Karnataka will have KIT on the lines of IIT and all of them will be student-centric.

The education must not end by obtaining degree. What they have got from society must be given back to the society.