WB Health Secretary directs all districts to take preventive measure to prevent dengue

Health Secretary Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Nabanna directed the district administration to work on war-time measures to prevent all mosquito-borne diseases, including dengue, during the monsoon season. Districts have been directed to regularly clean housing and drainage canals besides various offices of central and state governments. On Saturday, under the leadership of Health Secretary Narayan Swaroop Nigam, a virtual meeting was held in Nabanna to prevent mosquito-borne diseases for about one and a half hours, and this order was given in that meeting, according to sources in Nabanna.Monitoring has been said to ensure that water does not accumulate anywhere. He talked about using insecticides and guppy fish to kill mosquito larvae.Nabanna is the West Bengal State Government’s office located at Howrah. The health secretary has also directed that the medicines used as antidote to diseases should be kept in sufficient quantity in the hospitals. Dengue-Nabanna outbreak is once again in the state before the Corona scare is completely gone. According to the statistics of the health department, the number of dengue cases this year has increased almost 7 times compared to last year.Already 13 wards of Kolkata have been identified as highly dengue prone. Not only Kolkata, the five districts of Howrah, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Hooghly and Jalpaiguri have the highest incidence of dengue. Concerned that dengue has taken such a terrible shape in various cities and suburbs of the state, the state health department has ordered to identify the flood areas with the highest number of cases and start wartime activities to control dengue there. According to official data, 535 people have been diagnosed with dengue infection in the state from August 11 to August 17. The previous week this number was 548 people. So far, the number of dengue cases in the state till August 17 is 4184. Among them, 107 people in Howrah district, 87 people in North 24 Parganas district, 74 people in Kolkata, 70 people in Hooghly and 33 people in Jalpaiguri are infected with dengue so far.