Ramya attends street dog Lara funeral, delegation meets DCP Harish Pandey seeking protection

Thomas (Special correspondent) 

Hundreds of animal lovers in Bengaluru participated in the last rites of Lara a street dog that was killed after it was deliberately run over by a luxury car, driven by a 23-year-old.

Sandalwood actor-turned-politician Ramya was also among those who had gathered to mourn the dog’s death.

Lara was cremated at the Sumanahalli animal crematorium in Bengaluru, on Tuesday, February 1.

Speaking after the cremation,Ramya said, “Accidents do happen.Human beings do commit mistakes.

But,in this case,the dog has been run over deliberately. We couldn’t tolerate this act.Laws regarding animals are not strict in our country.The accused can pay Rs 50 and come out.

Empathy is not only for human beings, it should also be there for the animals.She also urged the government to strengthen laws against animal cruelty.

Earlier,condemning the act,Ramya had appealed on social media for animal lovers to attend the cremation of Lara.

After the cremation,she thanked people who “loved and cared” for Lara,saying that they inspired her.

To Badri, Sudha, Advaith, Priya, Gayatri aunty, Sanjana and everyone who loved and cared for Lara- you inspire me. The fight goes on,” she said on Twitter.

Hours after the cremation of stray dog run over by Adi Narayana , grand son of former MP Adikeshavalu was in Jayanagar Last week, was completed on Tuesday, a group of animal right activists and stray dog caretakers met DCP south division seeking protection.

The delegation comprising of around 15 members expressed their concern about the safety especially from the accused who could harm them.

Mr.Harish Pandey assure them that they would initiate strict action against the accused and his bail gets cancelled if he violate the bail condition.

Adi Narayana was arrested on Monday by Siddapura police an his luxury car seized following a complaint filed by one of the animal right activities .

The post mortem of the dog was conducted and the cremation was completed.The activists gathered at the crematorium demanded strict action against those who kill stray dogs as it is a third such incident in the last two months.