Woman PSI,Head constable held by Anti Corruption Bureau for seeking bribe :

Pramesh S Jain

Officials of Anti Corruption Bureau on Monday trapped woman Sub Inspector and her assistant red handed while accepting bribe from the family of a stolen property receiver promising officials favour to drop their name from the case.

The accused WPSI Soumya and head constable Jayaprakash Reddy investigating a theft case zeroed in on man from Chamarajapet who reportedly bought stolen mobile phone from the accused.

The police summoned the accused to the station and demanded Rs.2 lakh from his family for not arresting him in the case.

Unable to pay the family members approached ACB and filed a complaint.

Senior officer said,On Monday a woman had approached ACB officials and lodged a complaint stating that a Women PSI Soumya and Head constable JP Reddy of Baiyyapanahalli police are demanding Rs.2 lakh bribe to drop the name of her husband in a mobile theft case.

Based on complaint a special team was led under the able guidance of ACB,SP, Kuldeep Kumar Jain,a team under the leadership of ACP, Pratap Reddy and his team laid a trap and instructed the complainant and sent money along with her today.

The complainant as per the instructions visited the Baiyyapanahalli police station and handed over the money to women PSI,Soumya and head constable JP Reddy at the station.

Our team who were waiting for the complainant to return back after handing over the money the team headed by ACP,Pratap Reddy and team laid a trap inside the station and trapped the PSI and head constable red handed while accepting bribe and recovered the bribe amout of Rs.1 lakh from the trunk box in which they kept.

The trunk box is given in each station to keep the weapons,uniform and belongings of staff.

During trap both Sowmya and JP Reddy were in plain clothes at the station.The duo demanded bribe to drop the name of complainant husband who is accused in the case of receiving mobile phone from the accused arrested in Baiyyapanahalli police station for mobile theft case.

We have arrested WPSI,Sowmya,and Head constable,JP Reddy of Baiyyapanahalli under the prevention of corruption Act and further investigation is on.

This is the second such trap laid by ACB officials on police officers in last one week in which PI, Chikkajala Yeshwanth is stil absconding,and PI, Baiyyapanahalli role is still under investigation but complaint is against only PSI and HC,senior ACB officer said.