Politics in its digital mode

Ishika Sahni

As all are doing compromise in covid19 with their life and doing their work with ongoing pandemic. All had accepted this pandemic and start moving their life as before with some precautions from which they stay safe and healthy because if their is health then only we can manage everything easily.

As we all are doing politics has also turns into a digital mode. As the period is very serious and we have to move on and starts our life again political parties are also
doing the virtual activities . Political parties has started their rallies digitally to aware people more and to make their name. Politics also has to do the things digitally as in this condition people are not suppose to do things physically. They are awareing people about corona and how to deal with it at this time by reaching at their workers and voters.

Bhartiya Janta Party has seen more digitally at this time. In fact Bhartiya Janta Party is the first party to know the power of social media at this time. The main motive of these railies is to reach as more as people they can. Mass communication gave a big effect to the people as a good planning needs to made it. This method has given many advantage to the party. So much money has involved in the
rallies at the time but now at the time where we had to maintain physical distancing online rallies saving their money and giving a very good message to people by converting the things virtually. Everyone are getting the chance to speak. No one is lacking bach. Feedbacks are also getting and there are every solution of every single question.