Ishika Sahni

World is dealing with the huge pandemic and also with the news of people who dying with many reasons. In the world there is an attack of dangerous virus Covid19 from whom all are suffering. Covid19 is a virus which is spreading from social contacting. If we come in contact with the infectious person than we can also get the infection. The virus is very dangerous and people are dying because of this.  Around the world in America, Australia, Iran, Iraq, China, ECT every one is trying to dealing with this. Till now there is no vaccine for covid19 and it is spreading day by day and many people are dying. The virus started from the city of china Wuhan is now on its peak and capturing the lives of people day by day. The country china from which the virus has spread is now virus free as from many days not a single case has found from there. Lockdown is also over from china cities as in the whole world in many cities there is still lockdown and people are in their house.

The markets are closed and the business in every country are very low and even close also but as we look to china they have started their business their infrastructure are working , new inventions are started and their market is moving. All the financial works, transportation are doing work and people are also taking precautions there. The death rate of USA is very high and India is also reaching to the high death rate as many people are dying daily there. God knows where did this all situation stops.

As all people are in home and their business is also stops and they are closed even not meeting with their relatives, friends having the problem of depression also. Depression is a very big problem, we all ignore that but it is really a big problem which can make people do suicide also. People who fail to manage their life do suicide which is really hilarious to hear and see the news. People need a strong mind set to do this. Before some days only we had seen a case of suicide of a famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant Singh Rajput was a very famous actor done many films like chhichhore, PK, Kedarnath, MS Dhoni and also a TV serial Pavitra Rishta. From the humours we also know that he was getting married in November. From his background we saw that he was very well then why he done suicide by hanging in his room. He was also having treatment of depression. The reason of his suicide has gone with him. All his fans are in shock with his death and want to know the reason.

This time many people are depressed with the things going on. It seems like the life is going from our hands and we are not able to do the things because that our not in our hands. Lots of famous person has lost by us in this lockdown like Rishi Kapoor, Irfan Khan, Wajid Khan, Basu Chaterjee and now Sushant Singh. People are also depressed by losing them.

Hospitals are the places where we go to save our life. Are now they saving our lives? Is the big question in many people mind which don’t have any answer in this situation We are not refusing that the hospitals are not helping us they are doing their best to save us but also there are some cases where people are putting questions because we have seen some irresponsible things done by the workers . They are not taking the people who are coming to hospital for their treatment of health in spite of covid19 and they are not getting the treatment they should have and they are dying because of that. This is a worst thing we get to know this time but it is possible that there is a worst situation there by which the saviours can’t able to do anything. We can’t say anything as we are not in their place and not facing situation like them.

Is this the normal thing that we are losing the precious ones and getting the worst situation where everyone is scared? Daily a bad news is waiting for us and making us sad and make us think that what bad will happen next. Do you also think that it seems to be like an end?