Inter-State mobile phone lifters gang busted,mastermind with nine others arrested,563 High End Mobile Phones Worth Rs.1.25 Crore recovered by Central Division police

Appeal to general public by Commissioner of police,Bhaskar Rao and other senior officers to guard their mobile phones or other valuables while walking on the streets they should guard their mobile phones with a wire a guard wire and they should take precautions and should not be careless on roads by speaking on the phone we appeal to public to take precautions as the snatchers who come to snatch mobile they not only snatch the mobile even they stab people and go to the extent of murder also only just for a mobile which is cost of Rs.10-50 thousand but life is very precious mobile can be purchased again but life cannot be purchased so take care of your mobile phones and stop showing carelessness on the road it is appeal to you all by whole Bengaluru city police “Be Safe and Stay Safe”.Avoid using mobile phones in crowded places and guard your phones with guard wire And avail insurance from the mobile companies.
Central Division police have arrested 10 Inter-State mobile lifters gang and busted the biggest ever racket and recovered 563 High End stolen mobile phones worth of Rs.1.25 Crore.
In a joint operation by Ashoknagar and SJ Park police of Central Division with 62 men and officers has nabbed 10 persons in which five are notorious inter-State mobile thieves and Extortionist gang and other five are receiver who used to purchase the robbed mobiles and sell it after tampering the IMEI number.
The accused has been identified as,Kizer pasha,21,a garment dealer and resident of JJ Nagar,Arif Khan,39,a real estate agent and resident of JJ Nagar,Asif Khan,36,a real estate agent and a resident of JJ Nagar,Nawaz Sharif alias Akram,42,a auto driver and resident of Chikka basthi,Afzal Sharif,alias Moulvi Afzal alias,Sattar Afzal,36,a auto driver and a resident of JJ Nagar,Aslam,47,a scrap dealer and a resident of Padarayanapura,Kaleem,20,a tyre dealer and a resident of Padarayanapura,Salman,22,a garment dealer and a resident of Padarayanapura,
Syyed Akbar,42,a auto driver and a resident of Ullala upanagara,and Amir Zameer Khan,28,a mobile dealer and resident of Hyderabad.
The mastermind in the biggest mobile theft ring and the racket was runned by Asif Khan and Arif Khan who are close aides of former Cabinet Minister of karnataka Zameer Ahmed Khan.
The Central Division police officials who has arrested the ten Inter-State mobile snatchers in which five are thieves and five are receivers and they are real Estate agents,auto drivers and garment dealers.
This is big catch by the Central Division police who has nabbed 10 people in which five are inter-State mobile thieves and
five persons are receivers who used to receive theft mobile phones from the accused in less price and after flashing the mobile phones and erasing all data and tampering the IMEI numbers they used to send it to other states by parcel they used to send it to Hyderabad to a  mobile dealer Amir Zameer Khan who has a mobile shop in Jagadish Market and he used to sell it in Hyderabad’s chor Bazar for lesser price.
Investigation officer said,the SJ park police personnel who is placed at technical wing by name Ranganath was tracking the theft mobile phones as there was rampant increase in crime of mobile thefts taken in last few years as the offender used to stab innocent victims and in many cases they even killed innocent vicitms while robbing and snatching the mobile phones so the Head Constable Ranganath concentrated and showed more interest in tracking the mobile phones and as he was analysing the data of theft phones one day he found that most of the mobile are robbed or snatched in the crowded place so while analysing the data he kept a close watch on the places where the mobiles are being robbed and in one complaint a mobile was traced to Hyderabad then one special team was sent to Hyderabad and the team kept a close watch in the area for about one month and the team got a concrete and vital clues as one mobile was traced to Hyderabad’s jagadish market the team kept a close watch on the shop and after inquiring about the shop owner the team got a vital clue that the shop owner is indulged in buying and selling used mobile phones as second hand mobile phones and our team picked him for further questioning and brought him to Bengaluru and then he spilled the beans and said that he used to get mobile phones from Bengaluru in a parcel and he revealed the names of sender and based on his statement we approached our senior officers to nab the realtor Arif Khan and Asif khan who is a close aide of former cabinet minister so we seeked assistance from our seniors who gave us adequate force and with their able guidance a team of 60 member police team who surrounded the whole area first and after taking preventive measures they knocked to the realtors house and picked him from his house in the wee hours and based on his statement the team has nabbed totally 10 persons including them and recovered 563 stolen mobiles from their possession.
DCP Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,told media persons This is an inter-State gang and more people are a part of it there are people who work as robbers and Pick-pocketers there are people who will collect this in Bengaluru there is a another team that will flush the data from the collected items and send to other states he added.
Bengaluru police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,with Addl CP West,Umesh kumar,Joint CP Crime,Sandeep Patil,DCP Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,was present at the press conference addressing the media,Bhaskar Rao said,as there were rampant mobile theft cases were reported in the CBD areas and mainly in the central Division,so a high value meeting was conducted by Addl CP West,Umesh Kumar,with DCP Central,Chethan Singh Rathore with all ACPs and PIs with technical wing staff were present at the meeting after collecting the information about mobile theft cases,DCP Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,formed a special team under the Supervision of,ACP,Cubbon park Sub-Divsion,Pratap Reddy,PIs and other crime staff with technical wing Head Constable,Ranganath swung into action as the head constable Ranganath used to look after about tracking the theft mobiles as during the tracking of the theft mobile the head constable found that mobiles which are being theft in crowded places are being traced in other states and few months back a mobile phone was traced to Hyderabad.After getting information based on the information and vital clues a special team was sent to Hyderabad to keep a close watch on the shops who are involved in selling and purchasing of used mobile phones the team which kept a close watch on the shop in Jagadish Market a team went as a decoy and approached the shop owner in the pretext of selling and purchasing the mobile phones as customers and the shop owner received the mobile phone from the decoy cop and another cop went to purchase the same he sold him for lesser price of the value so based on this the team picked the shop owner identified as Amir Zameer Khan and the team was successful in nabbing this person during interrogation he revealed that he used to receive mobile phones through Courier from Bengaluru and he used to receive it through parcel by courier by a person name Arif Khan and he used to send 20-25 mobile phones in a packet based on this the team has conducted a secret operation to recover stolen mobile phones and nabbing the persons involved in this racket.The team who got to know about the kingpin of the racket after getting information about Arif khan the team had a challenging task to nab him as he is close aide of former cabinet minister who used to take part in every public programmes with him and it was a big challenging task for the team to nab him a 60 member police team surrounded the whole area and then they knocked the doors of Asif khan who is even a realtor and the team secured him and took him to custody and after sustain interrogation by the team based on his statement the team has nabbed another eight persons involved in the racket the team started grilling all the accused and it was revealed that around 100 member gang who are away from their house are operating in the city in pick-pocketing and robbing mobile phones in which we have nabbed five notorious persons who used to operate in the city they used to do pick pocketing in the buses,market area and in crowded places and deserted place they used to even snatch mobile phones operating in two wheelers and Auto-rickshaw they used to operate in the morning and night times and after committing offence they used to handover it to Arif and Asif under whom this gang used to operate and the five persons were given commission based on the quantity, quality and condition of the mobile a detailed investigation by the team has revealed that Arif and Asif are the two kingpin behind this big networking mobile theft racket and after receiving the theft mobiles they used to clear the datas from the mobile phones in Burma Bazar and National Market and after flashing the datas and adding a roadside type charger he used to send it to other states through parcel and most of the theft mobiles was received by Ameer Zameer Khan after receiving it he used to sell it in Hyderabad’s Chor Bazar in lesser price based on the statement the team has detected 563 HI-End mobile phones of different companies,as,Apple IPhone-12,Samsung mobile phones-81,MI mobile phones-92,Vivo mobile phones-57,Oppo mobile phones-44,Nokia mobile phones-21,Sony mobile phones-17,HTC mobile phones-08,1Plus1 mobile phones-08,Lenova mobile phones-22,Motorola mobile phones-42,Redmi mobile phones-29,Honor mobile phones-23,Real me mobile phones-12,LG mobile phones-09,Micromax mobile phones-14,with other companies 72 mobile phones altogether 563 mobile phones has been recovered from these big networking mobile theft gang and he even said,I will conduct an internet meeting regarding the mobile thefts many people take multiple SIM cards this is only increasing crimes we haven’t focused in this but we will start doing chain snatching and mobile snatching crimes has been rampant so I appeal to citizens to take care of their mobile phones by guarding it wire as safety wire as in olden days we used to put it in specks a wire which guards the specks so if it is tagged in mobile phones it will guard or the public should insured their mobile phones while purchasing and the insurance company owner should bring rules that if it has inbuilt GPS tracker then only we will issue insurance for the said device as even the GPS can be dismental but the inbuilt GPS cannot be dismental if their is a inbuilt GPS fixed in the devices so much of theft can come down as we have advanced technology and those mobile phones recovered were sold in reselling shops mobile is no longer an instrument of convenience mobile has now become a weapon also a dangeorous weapon if cops keep control on mobile phone thefts and in future we will have a separate wing set up as M-Crimes like M-Governance which the central government has and our team will collect information from the CID and CBI with cyber experts about the M-Crimes and we are seriously thinking putting rigorous efforts our officers will concentrate and put their minds together on preventing mobile crimes as it is increasing in quarrelling,kidnapping,murder and extra marital relationship and getting fluid but this people have done a wonderful and good job in busting this big networking racket who are even experts in IMEI tampering as alterations a case has been registered in SJ park and Ashoknagar police station and further investigation is on as this is big networking racket and many more receivers are involved we suspect this gang is involved more than 10,000 mobile thefts in last 3 years and finally I appreciate,Addl CP West,Umesh kumar,DCP Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,and his team as ACP Cubbon Park,Pratap Reddy and PIs as,Tanveer,N Jagadish,and Rafiq KM,and their team of 13-PSIs,45-HC/PC,and the whole operation was monitored and supervised by DCP,Central,Chethan Singh Rathore,under his able guidance and directions the team has conduct the investigation the whole investigation was taken by him and Ranganath head constable attached to technical wing with his rigorous efforts in tracking the mobile phones and with his inputs the three inspectors in which Tanveer who has done a exemplary work in a joint operation with other inspectors as,          N Jagadish,and Rafiq KM with more than 60 members of police personnel has done a secret operation and handled the situation very smoothly and safely in which they have nabbed the notorious kingpin Arif Khan and Asif khan who identify themselves as social worker and Realtor in the area the team has shown their real face to the society and exposed them and their criminal activities and a suitable reward will be given to the team who has busted biggest mobile theft racket and recovered 563 stolen High-End mobile phones from them finally the department would train a set of police personnel in detection of mobile phone theft,which is on the rise.We will also write to mobile manufacturers recommending measures to help us track down stolen mobile phones,he added.