CM Inaugurates Bhima Sankalpa Samavesha to defeat BJP-RSS in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

* You have changed those who boasted to change the constitution

*BJP, RSS who are worshipers of Manusmriti are anti-constitutional,representatives of oppressed communities who joined BJP for power are becoming anti-constitutional.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah criticized that it is BJP’s practice to keep idol and supress ideas.BJP, which opposes the constitution,is creating drama by keeping Ambedker’s statue for elections.

He was addressing the ‘Bhima Sankalpa’conference held at the town hall by Dalit organizations of the state.

Ambedkar gave a historic speech on the day before the implementation of the Constitution and warned that “freedom of the country will be destroyed by it’s people itself, if social and economic inequality is not removed, “.Society cannot progress on the basis of castes.

The constitutional values should provide social and economical opportunities and my political commitment will provide such opportunities to the people,said the Chief Minister.

Neither BJP National President,Amit Shah nor Prime Minister Modi took any action against Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde who had stated that we came to power to change the Constitution.

But,We and you have changed the people who came to change the constitution.He gave a call that the same should be repeated in 2024 as well.

The Chief Minister mentioning the 13 demands submitted by the Aikya Horata Chaalana Samiti,said that many have already been fulfilled.He promised to fulfill the rest.

Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar,Social Welfare Minister HC Mahadevappa,Dalit leaders S.Mariswamy, Mavalli Shankar,Guruprasad Keragodu,Indudhara Honnapura,Jigani Shankar,V. Nagaraj,N.Venkatesh and other 50 leaders including Dalit Sangharsh Committees were present.

BJP is planning to fail the guarantees

BJP who failed to fulfill the promises given to the people of the country are criticizing us for implementing what we promised. BJP is trying to fail the guarantees we have given for the welfare of the poor and middle class.

Hence it is trying to create confusion among the people.Our Grilahakshmi scheme reaches more than 85% of people of the state.He said that other guarantee schemes will reach a large number of people.