BOI Takes Fresh Guard in National Priorities

binod takiawla

The opening phase of the bottom-up consultative process designated to generate ideas and
review performance of banks and their alignment with national priorities was conducted at the
Zonal level on 17 th and 18 th August 2019 by Bank of India at Zonal office, Ghaziabad, involving
all branches within the Zone’s jurisdiction. In a first of its kind consultation, the branches were
themselves engaged in self-assessment, deliberated on the issues, and evolvedideas on future
strategy. The meet focussed on the ways and means to increase credit to various sectors of
the economy with greater IT content to bring about innovation and leverage big data analytics.
The idea is to make banking citizen-centric as well as more responsive to the needs and
aspiration of senior citizens, farmers, small industrialists, entrepreneurs, youth, students and
Several topical themes such as:Digital payments, Corporate Governance in PSBs, Credit for
MSMEs, Retail, Agriculture,Export Credit,Establishing Financial Grid and Enabling Bank Credit
towards a $5 Tn economy were discussed during the meet with a view to Chart out specific
roadmap for PSBs.
The meet also reviewed the Bank’s contribution to various national priorities in areas such
as – Credit support for economic growth, Infrastructure / industry, Farm sector and blue
economy, Jal Shakti, MSME sector and MUDRA loans, Education loans, Export credit, Green
economy, Swachh Bharat, Financial inclusion and women empowerment, Direct benefit
transfers, Less cash/digital economy, ease of living, leveraging local potential.
Such a comprehensive exercise facilitated conception of a number of implementable and
innovative suggestions as to how PSBs in general, and Bank of India in particular, can play a
more effective role in nation building. These suggestions were collated and have been sent for
further discussions at the SLBC/State level, along with comparative performance assessment
of the branches under each region. After the SLBC level, final consultations will be held at the
national level to compare both intra and inter-bank performances, and to finalise the
suggestions regarding the way ahead for implementation across PSBs.
The consultative process has resulted in a renewed sense of involvement and purpose down to
the branch level and Bank of India is geared towards implementing the roadmap for the
future, improve its performance, and further align itselfto national priorities.