Let Pak-victimized Hindus get protection and civil rights: VHP

Vinod Bansal

New Delhi, June 27, 2019: The Vishva Hindu Parishad has demanded that, in addition to the protection of religious, social and human rights of the Hindus victimized by Pakistan, the victims should be given civil rights in Bharat (India). While addressing a press conference here, the Central Secretary of VHP (International Coordination), Shri Prashant Hartalkar said again today that the Bharatiya government should pressurize and mobilize the international community to safeguard all extant religious minorities in Pakistan. After the creation of Pakistan, the condition of all minorities has become extremely worrisome and insecure today in the land which was an integral part of Bharat before independence. The situation of Hindus left there today is that they can neither live nor die!

       He said that whose population was 16%, now stands at only 2 to 3% after 6 decades of victimization in Pakistan. These include Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Bahais, Ahmadiyas and Parsis. Based on the estimates by various international institutions, the 200 lakh (20 million/2 Crore) minority population of Pakistan now stands at only about 70 lakhs. 92% of the extant Hindus of Pakistan still live in the Sind province alone. The lives of 50 to 60 lakh Hindus still remain hellish. Every year about 1200 minor Hindu girls are being abducted and forced into religious conversion and Nikah (Islamic marriage). Rape, breaking of temples and levying of Zakat (Islamic tax) from minorities are commonplace there. For all these reasons, all minorities including Hindus are forced to flee Pakistan. Six to ten lakh of the Hindus victimized in Pakistan have settled in Bharat so far. The assistance of these Hindus settled in 7 states is being done through 14 different institutions through the Vishva Hindu Parishad.
In 2016, the Modi government tried to make citizenship law in Parliament for all these refugee minorities. But, the Congress  and other opposition parties did not allow it to pass. VHP condemn these parties who do not utter even a single word against the infiltrator Rohingyas.

Vishva Hindu Parishad demands that:

  1. The GOI should again bring the law to give citizenship rights to these Pak-victimised Hindu refugees and other minority refugees!
  2. There should be simplification of processes for long-term visas and other legal requirements.
    3. To protect the remaining Hindus in Pakistan, the GOI should ensure international pressure.
    4. Elementary facilities should be provided to Pak-victimised Hindus who came to Bharat.
    5. The government schemes for women and child development should be extended to them also.
    The VHP Central Secretary announced that VHP workers alongwith Pak Hindu refugee delegates will soon meet the Hon’ble Members of Parliament to apprise them of the human rights abuses in Pakistan and the problems of Pakistani Hindus. This MP-contact campaign will run till August 14, 2019.