Press Release: Star of India By Anjanna Kuthiala

Recently Celebrated Artist Anjanna Kuthiala organized “Star of India Awards ” to appreciate the people contribution in different sectors of the society. The Event witnessed A Talk Show on Star Power & Its Contribution to the society. The Talk Show had Celebrity Panelist Like Bollywood Actress Suchitra Pillai, Fashion Designer Amit Talwar, Vijayanti Pugalia, Vandana Vadhera and many others. 
The  Event also witnessed POWER WALK from many well known faces of Delhi Including Madhur Dutta, Abhir Malhotra, Sharad Kohli, Poonam Grover, Mona Chawla, Bhawna Babuta. Mumbai Based Designer Pallavi Das & Kavita Motwani showcased their Designs.
Anjanna Kuthiala said ” I have always made a Platform of Appreciation for Various People and will continue doing so.
The Evening was followed by High Tea.