Step out in style this Monsoon with Rangriti

Nishit Priya

Monsoon season is about to come. It makes us feel happier and better. Let’s enjoy the rain without worrying about destroying our clothes. This Monsoon sale season experience the rain with Rangriti, that brings to you magnificent and bright pieces designed keeping in mind the modern day women and their yearnings to stand out.

Women simply love to dress their best these days. The Collection comprises of stylish Smart Kurtas, Kurta Dresses, Indie Tops, Slim Pants and many more to choose from them. The collection is all about feeling comfortable and cozy in style.  Rangriti is the epitome of Fusion Fashion as it adds a unique touch to your look, as each piece is designed to keep you comfortable and in style.

The new range of collection will offer a wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary styles that complement different personalities and help bring out the best in them. Rangriti is known for its eccentric & experimental approach.

Sanjeev Agrawal, CEO, Rangriti said “Every year Rangriti brings something new, refreshing and more charming elements to offer. The designs and trends are constantly changing, as well as the predominant colours. Why always go for the boring light shades and dull layering? This is the season of pastel colour, bright shades of indigo green, blue is good for monsoon. Not just light colour dark shades of black, brown, green, maroon etc will be the choice of the season.