Tourism as defined by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is ‘traveling
to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive
year for leisure and not less than 24 hours’. The contribution of tourism globally and its
impact on other sectors is remarkable. Tourism is a major contributor globally in economic
development as per World Travel and Tourism Council 2018 one in every ten jobs on the
planet is supported by travel and tourism. It has a direct effect on social, economic, cultural,
educational and economic sectors.
UNWTO decided to celebrate 27 September as World Tourism day as Statutes of UNWTO
was adopted on the day. The day marks to raise awareness about tourism and it affects on
social, economic and political perspectives worldwide. The theme is set ever year as per the
global scenario, requirements and trends. Technology has made access to everything possible
with a click of a button. Every sector is influenced and is highly dependent of digital
advances. So realizing the importance of the same the theme for the year is ‘Tourism and the
digital transformation’. This year the host country is Hungary. The theme is chosen keeping
in mind the wideness of this sector and its strong relation with allied sectors. Focusing on
innovation and digital advances will also help in contribution to attain 2030 agenda for
sustainable development.
The smokeless industry provides ample opportunity for career, growth and development. In
India nearly every third home a person earning directly from tourism or allied sectors. The
industry is the one which is working to create entrepreneurs as youth are increasingly
grasping the opportunity and creating their own work – area as you doesn’t require a big infra
– structure just a room with computers and internet with good inter – personal skills will
work. Besides entrepreneurship the career pathways includes working in travel agencies and
tour operations business houses at various hierarchical levels, hotels, airlines and ground
handling, event management, adventure tourism trainer, travel bloggers, cargo industry,
cruises, academician in the field of tourism. Seeing the diverse scope in the field of travel and
tourism various government and private institution are working in this direction and
embracing students with a wide range of courses like diploma, degree and certificate courses
to enhance expertise and bring more professionalism in the sector.

Swati Shah