CNN-News18 Launches ‘Reporters Project

New Delhi, 9August, 2018: News television has become circumscribed by big debates and studio shows. In the process, ground reports that help us understand what’s really going on with people, are rare.  CNN-News18 wants to change the existing paradigm with its new showReporters Project. The show launches on August 11and will leverage the channel’s extensive network of seasoned reporters.


In line with channel’s commitment to bring diverse news based content,Reporters Project will have reporters travel the length and breadth of the nation capturing ground realities, assessing issues and recording the sentiments of the people at the centre of any news story.


Reporters Project will provide visually compelling story-telling that will literally takes the viewers to where the story is. The show will also experiment with presentation formats where the story will dictate the form of the narrative.Reporters Project will aim to open up your weekends.


Watch Reporters Project from11August, 2018
Every Saturday @ 1:30PM & 8:30PM and Sunday at 10PM, only on CNN-News18