Alert BMTC bus driver saves 30 passengers onboard as Bus goes up in flames in Bengaluru no casualties

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar 

The alert driver of a BMTC bus averted a major mishap and saved the lives of 30 passengers as the moving bus caught fire in Bengaluru on Tuesday morning.

The passengers had a narrow escape after the engine of the BMTC bus burst into flames near the Anil Kumble Circle in Bengaluru.

The driver jumped into action helping the passengers to get off the bus quickly and ensuring no one was injured in the fire. According to the media reports, the engine caught fire due to overheating.

Senior officer told reporters,The driver of the bus heading towards shivajinagar from old airport road notices smoke following out of the battery box and stopped the bus and alerted the passengers at around 8.45 am .

Soon the fire spread by the time passengers got down .

Traffic movement was blocked for sometime before the fire tenders rushed to the spot and contained the fire after half and hour of struggle.

The traffic police diverted the vehicles to the adjacent roads to facilitate fire extinguisher.

The BMTC officials are probing to ascertain exact reason for the fire.