Bangalore riots accused Former Mayor Sampath Raj health drama flops,Taken back to parapana Agrahara jail .

Pramesh S Jain

Former mayor Sampath raj arrested for his alleged role in Dj halli and KG halli voilence has been taken to jayadeva hospital for medical check up after he complained uneasiness on Sunday.

The prison security later took him back to Parappana Agrahara after the doctors examined him and confirmed he was doing fine.

Sampath Raj who has been lodged in Central prison of Parappana Agrahara was housed in quarantine cell since Friday.

Sampath Raj complained uneasiness citing cardiac complaints and demanded to get him tested.

The prison officials took him to hospital and after detailed examination the doctors certified him fit and fine.

Sources said that Sampath raj wanted to get admitted to hospital citing health reasons to avoid being in prison till his bail matter is heard.