UK elections: Keir Stormer as Prime Minister of Britain



Keir Starmer (61), the leader of the Labor Party who won the British general election, has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the country.

28 people of Indian origin who are responsible for the defeat of the Conservative Party in the General Elections, where the victory of the Labor Party in 412 seats

was matched by 121 seats.


Galla S Kiran Kumar, Bureau Chief

London: Keir Starmer (61), the leader of the Labor Party who won the British general election, has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the country. Starmer’s appointment was approved by Britain’s King Charles III. After the results, Stormer met the king politely at Buckingham Palace. On this occasion, Charles invited him to form a new government. In his presence Starmer took charge as the 58th Prime Minister of the country. Later, the new Prime Minister addressed the people of the country at 10 Downing Street, the official residence. He made it clear that the country is his first priority and the party is the second. He commented that public service is an honor. He promised to rebuild the country. Starmer won his London seat of Holborn-St Pancras by a majority of 18,884 votes.

As the surveys said, the Labor Party led by Starmer won with a huge majority in the British elections. It won 412 seats with 33.7 percent of the 650 seats across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the last election, the party was limited to 201 seats. The ruling Conservative Party led by Rishi Sunak (44) got 23.7 percent of the votes and stopped short of 121 seats. Compared to 2019, it has lost 250 seats. 326 seats are required for majority. A few hours after the counting of votes started on Friday (10 am IST), the Labor Party crossed the magic figure by securing 368 seats. After the declaration of the results, the Labor Party registered its first victory in Sunderland with a majority of 18,847 votes. With the latest victory, the Labor Party will form the government after 14 years. Sunak called Stormer and congratulated him. Elected as Prime Minister two years ago, he created history as the first person of Indian descent to hold this post. After the results, Sunak resigned from the post of Prime Minister along with King Charles-3. The king approved it. Polling started at 7am UK time on Thursday. Continued till 10 pm. 28 people of Indian origin won in this election.

Sunak wins at home

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak accepted the defeat of his party as the results came out. “The Labor Party won this general election. I congratulate the leader of that party, Keir Starmer. You (addressing party supporters) excuse me. Even though I am responsible for the defeat, Rishi Sunak declared. He won the seat of Richmond and Northern Allerton, where he contested.

Modi wishes Stormer 

Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Keir Starmer who won the British elections. “Congratulations to Kier Starmer for an incredible achievement. We hope that there will be constructive cooperation towards strengthening India-UK relations in all fields,” Modi wrote on X’s account. He also praised Sunak for his excellent performance in governing the UK. He wished Sunak and his family all the best for their future journey.