Renukaswamy Murder Case: Darshan and gang sent to judicial custody till 4th July by ACMM Court

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

The 24th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM)remanded Judicial custody to film actor Darshan and three of his associates till July 4 on Saturday.

Darshan,A2,Vinay A10,Dhanraj A9 and Pradosh A14 in Renukaswamy murder case were handed over to the prison authorities after completing the formalities and were given UTP numbers 6106, 07, 08 and 09 .

Darshan 6106,Dhanraj 6107,Vinay 6108 and Pradush 6109.

The accused were in police custody for the last 13 days while,Pavithra Gowda and 12 others were remanded to judicial custody on June 20 .

The police have so far arrested 17 people in this connection while further investigations to retrieve the mobile data which was inactivated by the accused using web app.

As per the remand application,the police said that since the data of the mobile phones used by the accused and witnesses in the case was erased,the police with the court permission has approached the service providers concerned to re access the data .

The investigation continued to track down the mobile phone of Renukaswamy which was thrown into the storm water drain to destroy the evidence.

The police are now seeking the help of service provider to get the call record details and data of the deceased from the service provider .

The investigation is also on to ascertain the source of money Darshan had given it to the other accused which is crucial for the investigation.

Meanwhile the police have obtained a fresh lead in the case and trying to find out the details of the person who had visited the crime scene soon after the murder .

The information was obtained from one of the accused, during the course of the interrogation.

The investigating team is also found that the electric shock torch used to torture Renukacharya has been purchased by the accused online and even the document related to online payment is in the process of recovery.

The police also raised concern over the other accused safety who are facing danger of attack by Darshan and his three associates in the Parappana Agrahara.

The police have registered a separate complaint in this regard and had requested the court to shift them to Tumakuru district prison.

The accused have also changed the clothes from Renukaswamy’s body and destroyed them to tamper the evidence .

The police have recorded the statements of the accused who have destroyed the clothes as part of evidence.

Referring to Darshan,Pavithra Gowda and three of their associates,the police said they have no regrets while committing the heinous crime and misused the law by using the fan club through money and muscle power .

Meanwhile advocates representing the accused told the media that they would approach the higher court seeking respite to their clients through technical grounds and lapses committed by the police officials .