Realtor booked under road rage for blocking ambulance way which was ferrying accident victim to NIMHANS

Pramesh S Jain 

It was a nightmare experience for an ambulance driver ferrying accident victim to NIMHANS was blocked, chased harassed by 43-year-old realtor for around 12 KMs to block the way in the wee hours of Wednesday .

Adding to the worse,the accused identified as Gururaj Rao resident of Halasuru,abused misbehaved and created ruckus at the station when he was detained for obstructing the ambulance .

The police later found that the Rao was disturbed and under the influence of alcohol was returning home after attending a funeral of his relative in Tumakuru.

According to the police,the ambulance driver Kumar was rushing a accident victim identified as Shivaraj at Madhugiri gate in Tumakuru.

The vehicle was rushing to save the patient who had suffered severe injury and was bleeding at around 3 am.

While the ambulance reached Yeshwanthpur the Gururaj Rao passing by started shouting and tried to block the way over road rage .

The ambulance driver managed to take over and went ahead which enraged Rao to chase the ambulance in tried to block the way while hurling abuses and threatening the driver with dire consequences to stop the vehicle.

With no much time left,the driver managed to reach Wilson garden police station and sought the help of police to save them from unruly car driver.

By then Rao reached the station and he misbehaved with police and hurled abuses .

Taking a strong objection,the police arrested Rao and seized his car to allow the ambulance to go to NIMHANS.

Even at the station the accused created ruckus and threatened the police officials with dire consequences while refused to undergo alcometer test.

The accused was arrested under section 353 ( assaults or uses criminal force to any person being a public servant in the execution of his duty) and 506 ( criminal intimidation ) and remanded him to judicial custody.