Private firm employee arrested by Jayanagar police for stabbing his girlfriend over 15 times in public after she refused to quit job and marry; Surrenders

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)


42-year-old woman was killed by her male friend at Shalini grounds in Jayanagar on Saturday evening.

The deceased has been identified as Farida Khanum from Kolkata and living in a lodge in JP Nagar.

The police in a swift action,arrested Girish,32,a private firm employee and resident of 6th block charging him with murder .

Initial probe revealed that the duo was into relationship. Farida was working in a Spa and Girish was not happy with the nature of her job.

He was forcing her to quit the job and the duo used to fight over the issue as Farida was not keen on quitting and wanted to continue to work .

On Saturday too the duo had an heated argument over the same issue following which Girish slit her throat with a knife he had brought with him.

Police suspect that Girish carrying a knife indicate that it was pre-meditated murder and questioning the accused to ascertain the motive of murder .

Few Passers-by noticed Farida in a pool of blood rushed her to a near-by hospital where she was declared as dead.

The Jayanagar police rushed to the spot and conducted a spot inspection before arresting the accused for further investigation.