Wind speed monitoring system for the Bullet Train project

Gujarat: The Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train corridor will traverse through coastal regions in the western part of the country, where wind speeds are particularly concentrated in certain areas. These strong winds have the potential to impact train operations on the viaduct.

To address this concern, 14 locations (9 in Gujarat and 5 in Maharashtra) have been identified for the installation of Anemometers on the viaduct. These devices will specifically monitor wind speed, focusing on river bridges and areas prone to gusts (sudden & strong wind).

An Anemometer is a type of Disaster Prevention System designed to provide real-time wind speed data within the range of 0-252 Kmph, spanning 0 to 360 degrees.

If wind speeds range from 72 Kmph to 130 Kmph, train speeds will be adjusted accordingly.

The Operation Control Centre (OCC) will monitor wind speeds through the Anemometers installed at various locations.