Welder arrested for attempting to kill his former neighbour for blackmailing his wife with private videos demanding ransom

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

The Bagaluru police on Sunday arrested a 37-year-old welder for attempting to kill his former neighbour for blackmailing his wife with a private and videos for ransom .

The victim has been identified Nagaraj,resident of Chokkanahalli while Arogyadas,27,an autorickshaw driver and resident of Kannahalli was admitted to hospital with multiple stab injuries .

Senior officer told reporters,Arogyadas and Nagraj were neighbours in Kammanahalli before the latter shifted his house to Chokkanahalli few months ago.

Arogyadas was close to Nagraj’s wife and had recorded videos and photos of their private moments.After the couple shifted Agroyadas started harassing Nagraj’s wife blackmaliing her with the photos and videos.

Unable to bear harassment wife confessed to Nagaraj. Enraged Nagaraj asked her to invite Arogyadas to the house on September 30.

When unsuspecting Arogyadas visited the house,he confronted Nagaraj and the heated argument ensued between them.

In the melee,Nagaraj picked up a knife used for gardening and attacked Arogyadas stabbing him multiple times.

Neighbours hearing the commotion rushed to the help and shifted Arogyadas to hospital before alerting the police.

The Bagaluru police arrested Nagaraj on the charges of attempting to murder while booked Arogyadas on the charges of blackmail following the statement of Nagaraj’s wife for further action.